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Dash (DASH)

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9 h
Ethereum, Tezos, Dash Price Analysis: 23 September

Ethereum formed a bearish pattern that could take the price beneath $300 in the next few weeks. The scenario of the crypto market, in general, was bearish, with the likelihood of further losses. Tezos showed no signs of reversing the downtrend and was set to plummet further. Dash slipped beneath a crucial level of support […]

3 d
Bitcoin Cash, IOTA, Dash Price Analysis: 20 September

Bitcoin Cash was trading with very low volatility as its traders appeared to be waiting on the sidelines for the market to make a move. Further down the cryptocurrency ladder, IOTA and DASH could be headed lower, with the cryptos lacking any momentum in the short-term. Bitcoin Cash [BCH] Bitcoin Cash was exhibiting significantly low […]

5 d
Dash Platform Seeks to Become a Decentralized Cloud

Dash Platform, a new Dash network layer, is set to improve the experience of crypto transactions on the network and expand the overall utility of the Dash ecosystem, according to a press release shared with BeInCrypto on Sept. 18. Among other things, Dash Platform will host a DApp development hub and a storage mechanism drive. …

5 d
Dash is evolving into a decentralized cloud cryptocurrency

Dash is transitioning into a decentralized cloud cryptocurrency by releasing a platform that supports blockchain-verified user data storage and a decentralized API

5 d
Ethereum Classic, DASH, Chainlink Price Analysis: 18 September

It would seem that the supposed “altseason” that people were calling for back in July has lost steam off-late. Not only were most of the market’s alts badly affected by Bitcoin’s staggering fall in early-September, but most of them haven’t recovered since either. In fact, very few of them have taken Bitcoin’s lead to register […]

7 d
Litecoin, Dash, BAT Price Analysis: 16 September

Bitcoin Dominance rose to 61.15 from yesterday’s low of 59.9 while Bitcoin saw gains and was valued at $10,850 at press time. Bitcoin’s rise in the past few days was accompanied by many major altcoins seeing red. This can be explained by traders selling their altcoin holdings to buy a surging BTC in an attempt […]

8 d
Bitcoin SV, Dash, Ethereum Classic Price Analysis: 15 September

Bitcoin SV looked headed for a drop to recent lows at $150 while Dash formed a bullish pattern that was invalidated in the face of selling pressure. Ethereum Classic showed it was heading upwards, but could take a few more trading sessions to confirm bullishness. Bitcoin SV [BSV] On longer timeframes, BSV exhibited bearish patterns. […]

10 d
Tron, Ethereum Classic, Dash Price Analysis: 13 September

Bitcoin surged above its $10,400 resistance recently, in a move that could have a positive impact on the rest of the market. However, evidence of BTC being moved into exchanges might mean that there is another wave of selling pressure to be seen. Tron stagnated beneath a retracement level after a huge move upwards at […]

11 d
Dash FastPass Rollout Across Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges Sparks Bullish Surge

Dash has launched the FastPass initiative. Here’s why this is a big deal for cryptocurrency investors and why markets are already responding.

12 d
Analyst Nicholas Merten Says One Altcoin Poised to Outperform Bitcoin As Crypto Markets Search for Direction

A prominent crypto analyst says there’s likely more pain in store for Bitcoin traders. On a new episode of Data Dash, Nicholas Merten says that the current price action of Bitcoin (BTC) suggests a retreat downward to find support at previous resistance, before any continuation of the rally.

13 d
Dash Rolls out FastPass to Platforms Providing an Enhanced User Experience

Educational Dash content is being built to simplify and consolidate the available information regarding the FastPass Network.

13 d
Stellar Lumens, BAT, Dash Price Analysis: 10 September

Stellar Lumens [XLM] was one of the market’s few bullish coins, at the time of writing, with both BAT and DASH exhibiting a bearish bias due to the patterns formed on their charts. In light of the fact that Bitcoin has been tip-toeing the $10,000-level, we can expect many of the market’s cryptocurrencies, especially the […]

13 d
Did Dysfunctional Governance Cause the Fall of Dash?

The founder of Dash Nation, has argued that the Dash network must reform its governance system if the token wants to return to a top-ten spot.

15 d
Litecoin, Dash, Ontology Price Analysis: 08 September

Litecoin had a brief spike before being forced back beneath resistance. It is possible that Litecoin and Ontology will not move upward or downward by a large margin in the coming days as it looked to be in a phase of consolidation. Dash set its next level of resistance as a target, and might be able […]

16 d
Algorand, Dash, Cardano Price Analysis: 07 September

Cardano exhibited bearishness in its short and long-term outlook. In fact, it is likely that the crypto-asset will see another drop of close to 20% in September. Further down the cryptocurrency ladder, Algorand‘s price bounced a bit, but could be headed down south once more. Dash was trading above an important level of support on […]