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21 h
Hydro Protocol open-sources its most useful tools for interacting with Ethereum

The team of Hydro Protocol, an open-source framework for building decentralized exchanges, has now open-sourced three project libraries it found most

22 h
Decentralized storage platform Sia adds streaming video endpoint

Sia, a decentralized blockchain storage platform, announced today the addition of a streaming endpoint. Users can now stream their favorite content from a

23 h
DApp platform ArcBlock launches native token swap service and asset chain

ArcBlock, a custom blockchain development platform, today announced the official release of its Token Swap Service and asset chain. From today, ArcBlock

23 h
Electroneum launches ETN Rewards to replace cloud mining

The UK-based cryptocurrency has incentivized millions of new people to begin exploring how easy it is to use ETN and begin understanding the benefits of

1 d
Cross-chain private exchange protocol Ren inches closer to mainnet

Ren, an open protocol that enables the permissionless and private transfer of value between any blockchain, announced today it is now closer than ever to

1 d
Syscoin and Blockchain Foundry join 2Tokens workshops to raise awareness of tokenization

The Syscoin Foundation and Blockchain Foundry, a core developer of the Syscoin blockchain, today announced their new partnership with the 2Tokens project,

1 d
DAO for blockchain storage protocol Arweave is now live

The community and core team of Arweave, creators of a decentralized data storage protocol, announced today the live launch of ARCA, a community-governed

1 d
Convantis partners with ConsenSys to lead commodity trade platform development

Covantis, a blockchain initiative focused on modernizing global trade operations, today announced the selection of ConsenSys, the Ethereum venture and

1 d
Tether launches ERC20 and TRC20 gold token

Tether, the first blockchain-enabled platform facilitating digital use of traditional currencies, today announced the launch of Tether Gold (XAUâ‚®), a

1 d
CasinoCoin releases unified KYC-ready ‘Bankroll Manager’ wallet app

CasinoCoin, a blockchain-powered gaming ecosystem designed with users, operators, and regulators in mind, has announced the release of its new CasinoCoin

1 d
Binance launches validator node on Theta Network, joining Blockchain Ventures and gumi Cryptos

Leading crypto exchange company Binance, announced it has successfully launched their validator node on the Theta Network. a decentralized video streaming

1 d
imToken wallet partners with MoonPay to enable crypto purchases with fiat

imToken, a provider of crypto wallet and exchange platforms, announced today integration of a native fiat-to-crypto gateway powered by MoonPay. With

1 d
Institutional crypto trading platform Etale connects to ErisX

ErisX, a CFTC registered bitcoin and cryptocurrency DCO, today announced support from Etale’s institutional trading platform. Members of ErisX are able to

1 d
Open crypto liquidity network Alekmi integrates Chainlink

Alkemi, a professional open liquidity network for cryptocurrency, announced today it has integrated with Chainlink to leverage its network of

1 d
Draper Goren Holm lead seed round in crypto data/analytics provider LunarCRUSH

Draper Goren Holm, a venture studio focused on accelerating and incubating blockchain and crypto startups along with the Draper Venture Network, announced