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5 h
Wrapped Bitcoin Aims to Kick-Start DeFi on Tezos Blockchain

Bitcoin Association Switzerland is partnering with the Tezos Foundation to create tzBTC, a bitcoin-pegged token meant to power DeFi applications on Tezos.

5 h
Chicago’s Trading Firms Look to DeFi With New ‘Alliance’

DeFi may actually grow during the coronavirus crisis. TD Ameritrade, Cumberland, CMT Digital, DV Trading and Jump Trading are hoping to facilitate.

5 h
Banking API Platform Sila Raises $7.7M on Promise of Programmable Money

The $7.7 million round from Madrona Venture Group and others will help Sila bring bespoke stablecoins to fintech entrepreneurs.

5 h
Today’s ‘Halving’ May Be Non-Event for Bitcoin Cash Prices

While some expect today’s reward cut for BCH miners to belong-term bullish for prices, analysts suggest otherwise.

5 h
First Mover: A Sneak Preview of Bitcoin’s Halving — in Real Time

As central banks around the world inject trillions into the global economy, investors are looking at bitcoin and its “halving” as a hedge against inflation.

5 h
Bitcoin Cash Undergoes ‘Halving’ Event, Casting Shadow on Miner Profitability

Bitcoin Cash – the blockchain that forked off Bitcoin in 2017 – has just reduced its block rewards by half, causing many miners to see gross margins drop to near zero.

5 h
Hacker Exploits Flaw in Decentralized Bitcoin Exchange Bisq to Steal $250K

Developers associated with the anonymous DEX Bisq were forced to suspend trading after a hacker exploited a flaw found in a recent protocol update.

9 h
Overstock Is Set to Finally Pay Out Its Digital Security Shareholder Dividend

The blockchain-friendly online retailer is planning to distribute its long-delayed digital asset shareholder dividend on May 19.

12 h
Power Ledger Inks Deal to Allow French Consumers to Customize Green Energy Mix

Power Ledger is moving into the French energy market with a new partnership that enhances the tracking and certification of green energy on the blockchain.

12 h
Cryptopia Users Win Victory in Court Case Over Crypto Assets Worth Over $100M

In the fallout from a massive hack of the New Zealand cryptocurrency exchange, users at last have a little good news.

21 h
Bitcoin Cash Approaches Milestone With First Halving Expected Wednesday

The halving is nigh. No, not the one you’re thinking of: splinter cryptocurrency bitcoin cash (BCH) will see its first reduction of block rewards Wednesday.

23 h
Bitcoin Tracks Stocks Up to $7.4K Before Sliding Back to $7.1K

Bitcoin trended higher along with many traditional markets Tuesday before changing direction and falling as U.S. stock trading closed.

1 d
Price Gap Between Sellers and Buyers Yawned During Bitcoin’s March Sell-Off, Study Finds

As cryptocurrency markets crashed hard in March, bid-ask spreads on major exchanges widened dramatically, according to a report by OTC market maker B2C2.

1 d
Microsoft, Celo Back Virtual Earth Day Event From Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition

Microsoft is throwing its weight behind the Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition (BSIC) incubator, a six-week hackathon focused on green energy.

1 d
Exit Plans, Premature Rallies and Frontline Heroes, Feat. Ben Hunt

As we enter what promises to be the deadliest week of the virus in the US yet, why are markets rallying?