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Promote your crypto project here for just 0.1 ETH per day!
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51 min
Cardano, Ontology, Crypto.com Coin Price Analysis: 19 September

Cardano formed a bearish pattern on the charts as it braced for another dip in its price. The bearish pressure on the crypto-asset abated briefly, but sellers once more stepped in at a level of resistance to effect a slide for ADA. Crypto.com Coin, on the other hand, formed a bullish pattern. Ontology also displayed signs […]

1 h
Litecoin short-term Price Analysis: 19 September

Litecoin’s price has had to endure a period of consolidation over the past week. On 12 September, the cryptocurrency’s price fell by close to 8 percent from $51 to close to $47 and since then, Litecoin has been struggling to recover its losses. However, while LTC might be gaining some positive momentum, it may note […]

4 h
Ethereum, IOTA, Compound Price Analysis: 19 September

DeFi token transactions continued to congest Ethruem’s network as Etherscan showed that addresses related to Uniswap had guzzled a significant amount of Gas over the past 24 hours. At the time of writing, Ethereum’s charts pointed to a likely drop. While on-chain metrics made a strong case in support of an Ethereum slide, it must […]

12 h
Chainlink to power TrustSwap SmartLock and SmartEscrow products

After its initial token launch in June, TrustSwap, a smart contracts payments platform announced in a blog that Chainlink’s Price Reference Data – its decentralized oracle network – had been integrated with TrustSwap’s SmartLock and SmartEscrow products in order to determine fees associated with token-locking services. TrustSwap believed that Chainlink’s ETH/USD price oracle, which sources […]

15 h
Dissatisfied miners in China want to fork Filecoin

Multiple mining groups in China have announced that they will fork Filecoin’s blockchain as they claimed to be dissatisfied with mining rewards, according to a report in Sohu.com, a Chinese media company. Moreover, the announcement has come just weeks before Filecoin’s mainnet launch in October. With regard to the fork announcement, Weiping Han, Chairman of MIX […]

15 h
Ethereum under pressure from DeFI; Can Bitcoin capitalize?

2020 saw Ethereum [ETH] briefly take over Bitcoin’s lead in the market. However, this growth was the result of the boom witnessed by the decentralized finance [DeFi] ecosystem. According to data provided by Skew, the price volatility of Ethereum and Bitcoin are converging. The converging spread of the Ether-Bitcoin 6-month at-the-money [ATM] Implied Volatility had […]

16 h
Tether – A threat to altcoins like XRP?

Binance’s Tether reserves are up 450% in the past one month. The exchange has seen increased volatility in its Tether reserves since April 2020. There was a significant drop in July 2020, however, there has been a massive recovery in the past month.  USDT reserves are up from $88 M to $1.06 B in 60 […]

17 h
Litecoin, Crypto.com Coin, Dogecoin Price Analysis: 18 September

Over the past year, many of the market’s altcoins have shown signs of decoupling from the price movement of Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency. However, this wasn’t evident when the movement of the crypto-market in the month of September was assessed. In fact, while many of these alts did follow Bitcoin’s lead when BTC fell, […]

17 h
By 2024, EU will put in place a comprehensive framework on DLT, crypto-assets

Members of European Union have decided to make use of distributed ledger technology and adopt crypto-assets such as stablecoins, by 2024, in order to introduce new regulations to make cross-border payments cheaper and quicker according to two EU documents received by Reuters today.  According to the report, this move from the European Commission was a […]

17 h
Bitcoin SV long-term Price Analysis: 18 September

Disclaimer: The following price prediction should not be taken as investment advice as it is the opinion of the writer. The market of Bitcoin SV is clinging onto Bitcoin at the moment. As Bitcoin sustained its position above $10,900 for the time being, BSV also appeared to maintain close proximity to the resistance at $165. […]

18 h
This Bitcoin metric predicts 2017’s bull run for 2020

Bitcoin’s recovery in the market has been slow but it has been witnessing escalating interest from users. As traders look at the low price of BTC as a perfect opportunity to hold, some old metrics have been suggesting that the bull-run might not be that far away. As the on-chain metric gains strength, Bitcoin’s short-term […]

19 h
Binance Coin short-term Price Analysis: 18 September

Disclaimer: The following price prediction should not be taken as investment advice as it is the opinion of the writer. Just like Bitcoin, Binance Coin has been holding its own at the top of the recovery curve over the past week. Without undergoing a significant drop, Binance Coin has retraced from the support at $26 […]

19 h
Blockchain Capital joins Libra Association as its new member

San Francisco-based venture firm, Blockchain Capital has joined Facebook’s Libra Association to make its network of experts and industry heads available to advise on the Association’s creation of a ‘global payment system,’ according to an announcement today.  Libra’s head of policy and communications, Dante Disparte, said in the release that their new member, Blockchain Capital, […]

20 h
Cryptopia hack: liquidators to begin repatriation of assets to 900k account holders

Hacked crypto exchange Cryptopia’s assigned liquidator, Grant Thornton New Zealand shared an update that Cryptopia account holders will soon be able to register to claim their trapped crypto funds, which in total is worth nearly $100 million. The claims registration process is said to open by the end of the year, however, the release did not […]

20 h
Why has Bakkt’s cash-settled Bitcoin Futures’ volume doubled?

Bakkt’s cash-settled Bitcoin futures were launched in December 2019 on popular demand. Physically settled Bitcoin futures exposed traders to the risk of holding the asset and didn’t exactly fly among derivatives traders.  Despite the initial roadblocks, cash-settled Bitcoin futures have doubled in volume in the past six months. What’s interesting is that it has maintained […]