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15 min
Blockchain Can Disrupt Higher Education Today, Global Labor Market Tomorrow

Blockchain can play its part in the education sector — record-keeping in 2–3 years and then adoption by the labor market?

2 h
ChainLink Price Oracles Dominate DeFi Data-Feeds Amid KyberSwap Integration

Chainlink’s price oracles are quickly emerging as the industry-standard data source for the DeFi sector, with top project Kyber Network integrating the price feeds for its token swaps

8 h
Developer Activity Surrounding Eos, Tron, and Bitcoin Cash Plummets

While overall developer activity is down for most leading crypto assets, core code updates appear to be on the increase

8 h
Five Wanted For Indian Crypto Scam Operating Since 2017

Five individuals have been identified by Indian police as likely involved with a crypto investment scam that has operated since 2017

9 h
Website Compiles List of KYC-Free Exchanges, Along With Some Warnings

The website Kycnot.me has compiled a list of cryptocurrency exchanges that do not require identity verification to preserve the independence of crypto

10 h
10 h
Cryptocurrency News From Japan: June 7 – June 13 in Review

Japan’s minister of finance questioned crypto terminology, a company joined the Japan Security Token Association and more headlined news from Japan this past week.

12 h
Exclusive: Wilshire Differentiates its Fund From Grayscale, Says “Investors Deserve More”

Wilshire says its publicly tradeable Bitcoin fund differs from other U.S. competition.

12 h
Blackmail is Behind Multi-Million ETH Transfer Fees, Say Researchers

Researchers have concluded that the recent Ether transfers that spent over $5 million in gas fees are the result of hackers trying to extort a compromised exchange

12 h
It Is Time for Databases to Get Fully Decentralized

To become truly decentralized, blockchain projects should remove dependency on the centralized cloud providers used as their data storage

13 h
Blockchain Is Evolving Like the Internet: Who Will Be the Crypto Hotmail?

Blockchain’s evolution path is similar to the invention of the internet, and we are already in its second phase

13 h
Survey Respondents Are Split 50/50 Between Bitcoin & Big Banks

The proportion of people who trust big banks has fallen drastically since 2017, while the support for Bitcoin has exploded — millennials lead the way

15 h
Bitcoin Price Drop to Key $9K Support Could Place the Uptrend in Peril

Bitcoin price searches for support in order to maintain the current uptrend

15 h
KuCoin Targets Latin America and Eastern Europe With New Fiat On-Ramps

KuCoin has launched credit card support for 17 new fiat currencies, with the exchange expanding its services to Latin American and Eastern European customers

15 h
IBM Pilots Blockchain Solution For Primary Teachers’ Pensions in Bangladesh

A Bangeldeshi government agency is collaborating with IBM to harness blockchain for modernizing the country’s digital pension system