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57 min
Matic Network Looks Poised for Another Meteoric Rally

The Matic Network (MATIC) price has been decreasing since February 7. On February 16, it reached the long-term ascending support line.

3 h
Fresh Money Enters Cryptocurrency Market as $10M USDC Is Minted

USDC Treasury is minting another 10,000,000 USDC as Bitcoin (BTC) continues to hold the $10,000 price level, according to Whale Alert.

3 h
Bitcoin Price Heading for 2nd Highest Monthly Close Ever

Bitcoin is near its second-highest monthly close ever, hitting above $10,100 and just five percent below for a hugely bullish trading signal.

5 h
Will Ethereum Be Successful in Moving Above $300?

Since January 2, the Ethereum price has increased by 125 percent. Initially, the rally did not experience any retracement at all.

5 h
Binance CEO Advocates for Blocking ‘Sucker’ Critics After Unexpected Exchange Outage

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao has taken to blocking anyone critical of the firm on Twitter, which would result in a “higher quality of life.”

7 h
CME Bitcoin Futures Trading Booming; Suggests Further BTC Upside

CME Group Bitcoin futures volume and open interest continue to grow in 2020 — which often coincides with a trend continuation.

8 h
Does ICON (ICX) Have the Strength for Another Parabolic Increase?

On February 17, the ICON (ICX) reached the halfway line of the entire upward move and bounced upwards. Let’s do some technical analysis!

10 h
You Cannot Shill Bitcoin Enough, Touts Binance CEO

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao has, despite its negative connotations, admitted to being a Bitcoin shill with no regard for the consequences.

10 h
The Conference Exchanges: the first ever crypto trading conference will take place in Amsterdam on 5th of March

The blockchain industry in general and cryptocurrency exchanges, in particular, today have to deal with a number of issues that hinder further crypto development. Fake trading volumes, security problems, uncertain regulators’ policies and so on. All these problems are intertwined, but all market participants are trying to solve them separately, and without coordinating their efforts.…

12 h
XRP Could Be at the Last Point of Support Prior to a Massive Takeoff

XRP has reached a significant support area. It will likely bounce from this level and head towards the range high at 3,250 satoshis.

14 h
Binance Trading Paused, CEO Says Funds are #SAFU

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao has tweeted that there is unscheduled system maintenance on the exchange which has led to trading being paused.

14 h
Tether Treasury Mints Another $60,000 USDT as Bulls Hope for a Boost

Tether Treasury has just minted another 60,000,000 USDT. According to Bitfinex CTO Paolo Ardoino, it is for “inventory replenish.”

16 h
Bitcoin Analysis for 2020-02-19 [Premium Analysis]

Bitcoin bounced at the support line of an ascending channel and is in the process of moving upwards, presumably to the resistance at $10,400.

17 h
A Proven, Low Cost Containerised Solution for Cryptocurrency Miners Looking to Rapidly Deploy

Finally, a proven, low cost containerized solution for cryptocurrency miners looking to rapidly deploy It’s undeniable, managing a modern ASIC based cryptocurrency operation is economically and technically demanding. Many have tried to jump on the ‘crypto bandwagon’ with some widely reported documented failures in what has historically been an unpredictable marketplace. Navigating the industry can…

18 h
Why Bitcoin Has Strengthened Against Gold

The Bitcoin correction has been short-lived, with only a couple of days spent below five figures. Gold and related stocks are also climbing.