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3 h
Did Satoshi Plan for Bitcoin Halvings to Coincide with US Presidential Elections?

Bitcoin Halvings happen every year, but they also coincide with U.S. election cycles. Is it just a coincidence?

7 h
Bitcoin or Libra Best Shot at ‘Super-Sovereign’ Money, Says OKEx CEO

The CEO at OKEx believes a “super-sovereign” currency, like Bitcoin or Libra, offers the most hope for a more balanced system.

9 h
Binance’s CMC Acquisition Spotlights Exchange’s Trading Volume Discrepancy

Currently, CoinMarketCap claims that Binance’s real adjusted trading volume is only one-third of what the exchange claims.

14 h
COVID-19 Crisis Worst in IMF History as Officials Anticipate Lengthy Recovery

Coronavirus recovery will be a lengthy process, requiring nations to take drastic steps now to promote stability later.

18 h
FDIC Announces First Coronavirus-Fueled Bank Failure in the United States

A small financial institution in West Virginia is officially the first bank to go under due to the coronavirus pandemic. It had $152 million in total assets.

22 h
Binance Quietly Removes Visa Logo From Images of Binance Card

Binance has removed the Visa logo from promotional photos of its Binance Card after the announcement was up for a month.

1 d
US Consumer Confidence Plummets as Economic Situation Worsens

Consumer confidence has plummeted as new numbers show the deteriorating economic situation in the United States. 

1 d
Bitcoin Boost Foreshadowed by Stablecoin Supply Ratios

USDT balances on exchanges are at an all-time high, which could create a perfect storm for a barrage of Bitcoin buying. 

1 d
SpaceX Bans Zoom Over Privacy Worries as Decentralization Awaits

Video conferencing app Zoom has been criticized for its lack of privacy protections, and SpaceX has banned the use of the app completely.

1 d
Is Ethereum the One Actually Leading the Market Instead of Bitcoin?

A well-known trader says the Ethereum price and the total cryptocurrency market capitalization are correlated positively.

1 d
CME and Bakkt Bitcoin Futures See Largest Daily Volume in Weeks

Bitcoin’s price uptick has led to a spike of BTC futures trading on both the CME and Bakkt to levels not seen in weeks.

1 d
Can the LINK Trend Still Be Considered Bullish?

A well-known crypto trader has a bullish outlook in all time-frames for LINK/BTC, while he is bullish only in the long-term for LINK/USD.

1 d
Malicious QR Bitcoin Codes Stole $45,000 in March

Security researchers have uncovered nine websites that are using malicious QR codes to scam users of their BTC. 

1 d
Analyzing Bitcoin’s 2018 Bottom to Predict the Current Movement

On March 13, the Bitcoin price reached a low of $3782. This was followed by a rapid upward move that took the price to a high of $7199.

1 d
Bitcoin Searches Soar in Developing Nations, Rest of World Seems Uninterested

With economic uncertainty rising around the world, Google search interest for the term ‘Bitcoin’ is also growing in some nations.