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1 d
Hack IOTA : la fondation publie un correctif pour son portefeuille Trinity

La fondation IOTA a mis en ligne une mise à jour pour son portefeuille Trinity sur bureau. Le réseau IOTA est actuellement toujours suspendu.   Suite au piratage de plusieurs de ses portefeuilles, la fondation IOTA a publié un patch pour Trinity Desktop. Les utilisateurs de Trinity sur bureau sont invités à mettre à jour leur wallet. Lorsque vous téléchargez la nouvelle version, assurez-vous de modifier votre mot de passe,” précise la fondation. Alors que la faille semble avoir affecté seulement la version bureau de Trinity, la fondation conseille aux utilisateurs de Trinity sur mobile de ne pas ouvrir leur …

1 d
IOTA Wallet Attack Results in $1.6 Million in Stolen Funds

The IOTA Foundation is working to secure its network after a hack occurred through its Trinity wallet resulting in $1.5 million in losses.

1 d
IOTA Updates Trinity Desktop Wallet to Partly Address Recent Hack

Following a hack of IOTA official wallet on Feb. 12, the IOTA Foundation has released what it is calling a safe desktop version of the Trinity wallet.

2 d
IOTA Releases Patched Trinity Desktop Wallet

The IOTA Foundation announced the release of a safe Trinity wallet version for desktop, while investigating missing funds. IOTA Warns of Scammers Active

2 d
IOTA Announces Release of Safe Trinity Desktop Wallet but Mainnet Still Offline

IOTA has announced the release of a safe desktop Trinity Wallet after hackers exploited a bug to reportedly steal about $1.6 million. The project team is also warning users to beware of impostors on the IOTA Discord page posing to be part of the mod team. New Trinity Desktop Wallet…

2 d
IOTA Releases Safe Version of Trinity Desktop But Mainnet Remains Suspended

As IOTA continues to investigate and examine the flaws in its native desktop wallet, which led to multiple thefts of users’ funds, the Foundation behind

2 d
La Fondation IOTA corrige la faille de sécurité du Trinity Wallet

La Fondation IOTA a dévoilée aujourd’hui une nouvelle version – 1.4.1 – du Trinity Wallet comblant la faille de sécurité existante …

2 d
IOTA не возобновила транзакции в сети после обновления десктопного кошелька Trinity

Разработчики IOTA Foundation представили безопасную версию десктопного кошелька Trinity Wallet, которая устраняет уязвимость, выявленную 12 февраля. Версия 1.4.1 позволяет пользователям проверить свой

2 d
IOTA Announces Successful Patch of Bug Responsible for Trinity Wallet Hack

IOTA devs say they have successfully created a patch for the vulnerability responsible for the recent Trinity Wallet hack which reportedly resulted in the loss of $1.6 million. The altcoin token is still reeling from the effects of the hack and the network shutdown with the token price sliding 11…

3 d
The IOTA Network Remains Paused Following the Recent Incident

It would also appear that the IOTA Foundation is looking for ways to recover the stolen funds. How that will be done exactly, remains up for debate.

4 d
IOTA Shows Centralization Woes as Network and Wallet Gets Put on Pause

After identifying a theft occuring from its Trinity wallet, the IOTA team halted value transfers on the network while it investigated.

4 d
IOTA forced to suspend network after wallet hack

As much as $1.6 million in IOTA tokens were stolen in a hack of the Trinity wallet.

4 d
IOTA Network Still Down: How the Next Bitcoin Killer Screeched to a Halt

On February 13, the IOTA network came to a screeching halt and the IOTA Foundation reports that $1.6 million worth of the native currency was stolen.

4 d
Weekly News Digest: IOTA Hack, Binance Futures and Coinbase Leverage

In the crypto world there is always something happening.Today we will be focusing on some of the most notable crypto news that transpired this week.

5 d
Cryptocurrency IOTA Attacked, $881-Million Network Paused As Investigation Into Stolen Funds Begins

The team behind the cryptocurrency IOTA is investigating a cyber attack and theft of an undisclosed amount of funds. IOTA, the 23rd largest cryptocurrency in the world with a $881 million market cap, announced on Thursday that it has turned off an IOTA-operated node called the Coordinator, which is responsible for verifying transactions on the network.