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15 h
New Coronavirus Vaccine Candidate Enters Human Testing

Studies performed regarding this potential coronavirus vaccine have shown ample promise, but there is no reason to get overly excited just yet.

1 d
OKEx Sustains Derivatives Market Growth and Becomes the new Global Leader

It is also worth noting that OKEx claims to maintain a record of zero clawback in terms of derivatives trading. Even when the Bitcoin price crashed hard.

1 d
Tesla is Building a Coronavirus Ventilator Prototype With Model 3 Parts

It is a very prominent venture by Tesla, and one that shows why technology giants are crucial during these times of need.

1 d
Virtual Reality Porn is in High Demand due to the Coronavirus Lockdown

VR Bangers, for example, has noted a 30% growth in virtual reality porn sales since the coronavirus lockdown started becoming the new norm globally.

2 d
Online Casinos in New Jersey Record Monster Revenue in 2019

Primarily the online casinos contribute to this ongoing growth, whereas online poker noted a slight decline in the same month.

2 d
Facebook Wanted to Obtain iOS Spyware From NSO Group in 2017

Two of Facebook’s representatives allegedly approached NSO in October 2017 in an effort to purchase the rights to use specific aspects of Pegasus.

2 d
AI Research Consortium Aims to Prevent Further Coronavirus Spreading

UC Berkeley and the University of Illinois see merit in applying AI to the current coronavirus crisis.It is the first initiative of this joint venture.

2 d
Nearly a Dozen new Lawsuits Target Crypto Firms Involved in ICOs

While the outcome of these lawsuits remains to be determined, one company has already settled with the SEC over its ICO involvement.

3 d
Coronavirus Pandemic Results in First State Bank Failure

n the US, the first small bank has now failed due to the coronavirus.That “honor” is granted to the First State Bank of Barboursville

4 d
With Over 7,000 Projects, When are There too many Cryptocurrencies?

Given how there are over 7,000 competitors to Bitcoin, one has to wonder if any of these cryptocurrencies can make a lasting impact.

4 d
Honduras Prepares to Experiment With a Blockchain app for Coronavirus Cases

At first, 25,000 citizens will be able to sign up for this service.Later on, it will become accessible across 18 regions in the country with confirmed coronavirus cases.

5 d
“Technology is the solution to the problems the energy sector is facing”: Michael Opitz, CEO of LCG Energy

LCG Energy strongly believes in the important role blockchain will play in the energy sector. The technology is already being implemented across industries

5 d
Crypto Gazette Cryptocurrency-Oriented Publication Gives Away Ten Ledger Nano X Devices To Lucky Readers

Securely manage your crypto, anywhere you go. The Ledger Nano X combines ease-of-use and flexibility while ensuring the highest standard of crypto security.

5 d
A Sovereign Blockchain is the Next Objective for China

Reducing any level of corruption in China may require more effort than just using blockchain technology, however. That issue requires a different approach.

5 d
Comcast Mulls Removing its Data Caps as Coronavirus Crisis Causes no Significant Strain

Comcast, one of the biggest ISPs in the US, is now contemplating to remove its data caps altogether. This decision should have been made ages ago.