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15 h
Bitcoin Futures Volume Rises yet Price Trend Remains Bearish

Earlier this month, the highest overall Bitcoin futures volume has been recorded.That is a prominent sign, albeit it won’t change the current price level,

19 h
The OneCoin Lawyer is Allegedly Taking Liberties With his House Arrest

Many believe the OneCoin lawyer is involved in laundering up to $4 billion in criminal proceeds. To evade any jail time, Mark Scott may have a plan

1 d
Grab $120 Bonus plus 60% Commission When You Trade on BTCMEX

New users who sign up on BTCMEX exchange can take advantage of the Bonus Program and grab up to USD 120 for free right away.

1 d
Cryptocurrencies Are Slowly Going Mainstream

Ten years after the first cryptocurrency was introduced, cryptocurrencies are slowly going mainstream. Today, it’s common to find news of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain on the TV every day. In this piece, we are going to look at a few reasons why we believe cryptocurrencies and the technology behind them are going mainstream. Contents

1 d
Layer-2 Scaling Solutions and How They can Spur Dapp Adoption

A recent report revealed that the number of active dapp users in 2019 more than doubled to 3.11million from 1.48 million in 2018. 

1 d
Thousands of Cannabis Users in the US Fall Victim to a Data Breach

Especially for the users, this creates a very big problem.As the information was dumped on the internet, no one knows exactly how it will be used or abused.

1 d
The BitPay App Lets Users buy Mastercard Gift Cards

The concept of buying gift cards through BitPay is not new.This functionality has been around for quite some time now, yet few people talk about it.

2 d
Can the US Maintain its Lead in AI Development?

Because of recent geopolitical tensions, there are now numerous roadblocks in place preventing AI researchers to come to the US.

2 d
The Poloniex Situation Continues to Worsen as Traders Bail

The past few years have been very rocky for Poloniex.Multiple acquisitions, an aggressive spin-out, and Justin Sun’s involvement have caused highs and lows

3 d
Top 5 Crypto Options Exchanges

There are not many crypto options exchanges, but their popularity keeps growing in recent years. MobyTrader remains the number one in our list.

3 d
Apple Prefers Helping the FBI Over Properly Encrypting Customers’ Backups

Dealing with encrypted information stored on iCloud would not give the agency the information it so often needs.Apple will help the FBI in this matter.

3 d
Square Cash Provides the Tools to Ensure Widespread use of the Lightning Network

Through this Lightning Network kit, developers can add LN capabilities to all existing wallet solutions.Secondly, they can achieve multi-application access.

4 d
Another Bitcoin Hashrate All-time High has Been Recorded

After reaching the peak at just above 125 exohash per second, the network hashrate decreased again in spectacular fashion.

4 d
Venezuelans Allegedly try to Sell Their Petro Airdrop on LocalBitcoins

It appears that consumers are looking for ways to sell the Petro at any rate.Some are allegedly willing to sell it at 50% value through LocalBitcoins. 

5 d
Adult Affiliate Network PussyCash Leaks Porn Cam Model Data

PussyCash also owns the ImLive brand, who have confirmed they will address the data leak accordingly. The parent company has yet to respond.