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9 min
Bitcoin (BTC) Price Likely to Enter $7,200 Zone If the Following Happens

Bitcoin seems to be getting alive on charts and is posting a slight increase, so traders are expecting it to soar towards $7,200 if it holds the current level

23 min
NeoLogin Announces the Testnet Launch of SmartBNB, A Cross-Chain Between Neo and Binance Chain

NeoLogin, a non-custodial wallet for Neo-based decentralized applications, has announced the testnet launch of a cross-chain bridge between Neo and Binance Chain named SmartBNB.

24 min
ShapeShift Enables Crypto Purchases in the US Using Debit Card

ShapeShift, a Switzerland-based crypto exchange has partnered with Wyre payments processor to enable its US-based customers to purchase cryptocurrency directly using their debit cards.

29 min
DeFi platforms note sharp decline in outstanding debt; current value at $133.6M

The Decentralized Finance [DeFi] market, having over $1 billion in TVL across DeFi applications in February, was hit significantly by the market crash of 12-13th March. In fact, at the time of writing, this figure had fallen to $673.7 million. Even one of DeFi’s leading platforms, MakerDAO, was hit significantly by the market crash. As […]

29 min
Tezos, Bitcoin Gold, Maker put on the brakes as altcoin surge stalls

A general rise in the price of altcoins over the last few days has contributed to increasing investor confidence across the market. However, over the past 24-hours, the altcoin uptrend has been put on hold after price corrections for popular altcoins such as Tezos, Bitcoin Gold, and Maker were observed. Tezos [XTZ] Tezos’ price, when […]

30 min
Monero, Decred record corrections after rally, but Augur’s pullback is bad fortune

The crypto-market, at the time of writing, was going through a broad period of corrections. However, unlike the corrections on 13 March, these were more controlled in nature. Monero and Decred recorded a depreciation following a 48-hour rally, whereas Augur fell after a period of sideways movement. 12th ranked Monero did not record a major […]

44 min
Digital treasure still buried in dumpsite in Wales

How millions in Bitcoins got there and why they have not been found yet.

44 min
Cryptocurrency Exchanges: How To Choose The Right Broker

In cryptocurrency exchanges, it may become necessary to use the services of a broker to be able to trade digital assets like Bitcoin cryptocurrency. This is because cryptocurrency is a speculative trading asset and many investors need guidance in their trading activities to remain profitable. If you are simply trading in small amounts, you can …

49 min
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus Geekbench results leaked

A Geekbench result has been linked to the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus. The results are, reportedly, astounding, surpassing Samsung’s top smartphone to date. Recent reports claim that a Geekbench result from a certain codename “SM-N986U” belongs to Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus. The logic behind the assumption that the codename belongs to …

49 min
‘Call of Duty’ update: Judge cites ‘artistic relevance’ for using Humvees

New York judge grants Activision Blizzards’ summary judgment motion against the suit filed by AM General. The legal action, reportedly, addressed the unauthorized use of Humvees in Call of Duty franchise. The suit against the video game company started in 2017, as AM General accused Activision Blizzard of unauthorized trademark use of the Humvee, or the …

54 min
Maduro Tries to Promote Petro Again by Airdropping It to Doctors

The President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro plans on giving one free Petro to each doctor to do justice to medical workers that are risking their lives to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

1 h
FairSpin: Changing The Face of Online Casino And Gaming By Using Blockchain Technology

The explosion of internet usage over the last decade has unlocked new opportunities for the online gaming and casino industry. With players scattered all across the globe, the internet gives anyone and everyone an equal opportunity to participate. However, one element that has been lacking all these is trust and transparency. With several dummies installed …

1 h
Pandemic Assistance: Maduro to Airdrop Cryptocurrency to All Doctors in Venezuela

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro has announced that he is airdropping cryptocurrency to every doctor in his country as a token of appreciation for their work to combat the coronavirus outbreak. The national cryptocurrency, the petro, will be distributed via the Homeland card (Carnet de la Patria). Also read: IMF Declares Global Recession, 80 Countries Request …

1 h
This Historically Accurate Pattern Suggests Epic Bitcoin Plunge to $3K

The recent price trend of Bitcoin indicates an Elliot Wave pattern forming, which traders say could result in a major correction.

1 h
Bitcoin Stays Below $7K as Tone Vays Predicts Price Breakout in April

Lackluster price growth has not impacted overall bullish short-term potential, says Vays, who is eyeing gains this month.