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6 h
Ripple Co-Founder Unlocks 63.7 Million XRP From Settlement Wallet

Guess who’s at it again moving the latest part of his Ripple settlement? Co-Founder Jed McCaleb just transferred 63,704,590 XRP ($12,293,769) to his personal wallet. XRP holders brace for the possible incoming dump. Former Ripple Founder’s Massive XRP Transfer Late last night, Whale Alert flagged up the gigantic XRP transfer from Jed McCaleb Settlement to …

6 h
Binance Charged with Embezzling $860k Worth of Crypto Funds

Crypto exchange Binance was accused of freezing an account worth around $1 million. The owner accuses the platform of embezzlement, but the company says it simply followed the requirements of the South Korean police. Binance Blocks Account Worth Almost $1M In November 2018, Binanace blocked an account that had over $850,000 worth of crypto funds. …

6 h
Ripple Partnership Discussed By Bank of America Exec

In an interview discussing emerging digital payment technology a lead executive at Bank of America praised Ripple as a partner. She noted Ripple’s passage of the bank’s compliance processes, and praised its ability to deliver quality services. RIPPLE PRAISED FOR ITS POTENTIAL TO INTEGRATE WITH BANK SERVICES Julie Harris, head of global banking, digital strategy …

6 h
Celebrate BitStarz’ Birthday and Win a Tesla Model 3!

Everyone’s favorite online casino is baking a cake, popping the champagne, and inviting you to the biggest and best birthday party of the year. BitStarz is getting ready to celebrate its 6th birthday and we’re doing it in style with a promotion that will drive you insane. If you love cars and casino games, you’re …

6 h
Coinbase CEO Listed Among 15 Youngest US Billionaires

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong made the list of 15 youngest billionaires based in the US. Recently, Forbes released its famous World’s Billionaires List, while Business Insider compiled the youngest Americans from it. Coinbase CEO Is Worth $1 Billion Brian Armstrong is the oldest among the 15 youngest billionaires listed by Business Insider. Aged 37, his …

9 h
B ONE PAYMENT: Mobile Crypto Wallet Solution For Small And Big Projects

Over the last decade, cryptocurrency wallets have played a crucial role in the faster expansion of the crypto industry. With the improving tech infrastructure, wallets have evolved over a period of time bringing some essential security and transparency features for its users. However, some of the big wallet providers available today in the market charge …

9 h
XChainZ and Blockchain

The present time is ideal for advancing technologies that can help recover from the current pandemic and prepare us for the future. There are many technologies that are revolutionized the way we live in this world. Some of the more prominent ones are Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Nano-technology, Cyber-Security, and many more. Most of these are …

14 h
Pnxbet Adapts to the Changing Market with the Launch of New Live eSports Category

Bitcoin Press Release: Pnxbet has announced the launch of its new live esports section, which will fill the gap left by all the traditional sports that have either been postponed, or cancelled due to the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic.  6 April 2020, Curacao – The gambling and sports betting industry have experienced a jarring and …

14 h
Deutsche Bank Envisions Post Covid-19 Economy Accelerating Digital Payments

Since the covid-19 outbreak wreaked havoc across the world’s economies, the global multinational investment bank Deutsche Bank has been encouraging the use of digital currencies. The firm’s Twitter account and macro strategist Marion Laboure have been tweeting regularly about how coronavirus infection risks could “accelerate digital payment systems across the world.” Also read: 5% Over …

17 h
Virgin Galactic’s Chamath Palihapitiya: Bitcoin Could Go to $1 Million, Everybody Should Own Some

Virgin Galactic Chairman Chamath Palihapitiya has shared his bitcoin investment strategy, predicting that bitcoin’s price could reach a million dollars. He further suggested that everybody should have 1% of their assets in bitcoin since it is “a fantastic hedge.” Also read: IMF Declares Global Recession, 80 Countries Request Help, Trillions of Dollars Needed Bitcoin’s Price …

23 h
5% Over Spot: Gold-Backed Tokens Tether Gold and Digix Sell for Higher Premiums

Digital asset markets have been gathering some gains during the last few days and tokens like stablecoins have seen massive demand since the start of the market carnage. Alongside stablecoins, gold-backed digital assets like Tether Gold, Pax Gold, and Digix Gold have seen tremendous trade volumes as well. In fact, cryptocurrencies that claim to be …

1 d
Sweden’s ‘Lagom’ Response to Coronavirus: No Masks, Keep The Economy Going With a “No Limit” Printing Press

Pundits globally are flabbergasted Swedes still go to cafés, to restaurants and to hang out in parks without face masks on. The Coronavirus in Sweden has so far claimed 611 deaths, with 7,849 confirmed cases. Swedish people still send their kids to school and are not hoarding much of anything compared to countries like the …

1 d
China’s first digital currency target will be Macau, alongside other major areas

In its quest for strengthening digital dominance within the country, the Chinese government alongside the People’s Bank of China has embarked on the project of creating the country’s own digital currency. With this blockchain-based currency, Xi Jinping’s government took aim at taking more control of the financial transactions in the country while letting the business …

1 d
Market Update: Traders ‘Buck the Trend’ Pushing Crypto Market Cap Above $200 Billion

Digital currency markets have been rising again as the entire market capitalization of all 5,000+ coins has jumped above the $200 billion mark. The increase in crypto trade volume and coin values has followed alongside the recovery traditional equity markets saw on Monday. On Tuesday, most of the digital assets in the top ten are …

1 d
SWYFT Updates 6-7 April, 2020

Update 07.04.2020 VESTING IS NOW LIVE! The first masternode equivalent to an actual lockout reward system in the crypto space using smart contract DApp based technology delivered by the Swyft Network. Please ensure you have understood the entry point and fees for each term which are all detailed in our document at: Unfortunately, due to …