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30 min
Sweden Proves Lockdowns Don’t Work

In the only A/B experiment that provides us all real data instead of esoteric predictions based on super subjective models, there is now concrete evidence that lockdowns don’t work. Sweden…

31 min
UK “Has Really Started to Flatten” the Curve Says Chief

The United Kingdom is coming out of the pandemic according to Dame Angela Ruth McLean of Oxford University acting as Deputy Chief Government Scientific Advisor. In the latest press briefing…

5 h

The Federal Reserve balance sheet has increased by an incredible 40% within a very short period of time as pictured above. Some $1.5 trillion has been added to what previously…

1 d
The Only Bankruptcy in History Where People 30x Their Money Preps Distribution

MT Gox is in the final stages of ironing out the distribution of some 200,000 bitcoin and bitcoin cash which will be given in crypto or fiat depending on each…

1 d
Bitcoin, Stocks Turn Bullish as Countries Plan Lifting Restrictions

Bitcoin has continued to rise today to near $7,500 with eth rising about $170 as cryptos appear to think the worst is over. Stocks likewise have seen green with Dow…

2 d
Design of Blockchain Court on Ethereum Published by Economists

A fairly unique paper has been published that lays out some very complex maths to show how a blockchain court system can be set up on public blockchains like ethereum…

2 d
ECB Requests Public Input on its Monetary Policy

The European Central Bank (ECB) has asked for public comments on its economic policy in a strategic review to last until August 2020. “The ECB is listening,” they say. “As…

2 d
Bitcoin Jumps, Stocks Rise as Tide Starts Turning

Bitcoin has overtaken $7,000 for the first time since early march with the vast majority of cryptos up 5%, while ethereum seems to be rising a bit more than the…

2 d
Microsoft Patents Digital Currency System Using “Bodily Activity Data”

Microsoft has patented a system where they determine how much bitcoin-like money you get based on your activity as shown by sensors that connect to some communication system. “The cryptocurrency…

2 d
Confusion Reigns as New Flu Lays Bare Global Incompetence

Our very advanced species seems not very advanced at all as chains upon chains of bureaucracy appear to have enslaved us all. Trust in governments is set to plunge even…

3 d
Deutsche Bank Predicts GDP Plunge of 10% to 20%, But China Says Not as Bad as 2008

Deutsche Bank estimates Spain’s economy to be worst hit with a fall of 20% in GDP for the first quarter of 2020. All major economies are expected to contract as…

5 d
Banks at Risk of Collapse Amid Expected Mass Defaults

As much as 30% of mortgage owners, and perhaps even more, may default in the next two months in what might be the biggest sudden mass default in modern history….

5 d
Wednesday Halves Bitcoin Cash For the First Time Ever

Bitcoin Cash is to have its first halvening this Wednesday, around the same time the peak of the Chinese flu should have passed too in London and New York, so…

5 d
“We Are Looking at an Immunity Certificate” Says British Health Secretary

The British government is apparently envisioning a dystopia where millions could potentially be locked under house arrest in the name of saving some 85+ year olds with three serious illnesses….

6 d
West Starts Turning Tide as Cases Fall by Percentage

Is the worst over, is the question in everyone’s mind and going by a fall across the board on the percentage increase in new cases, it might well be. USA…