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Promote your crypto project here for just 0.1 ETH per day!
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2 d
Lawsuit: Ripple replies to the plaintiff’s fraud allegations.

Ripple has replied once again to the plaintiff’s fraud allegations in the Zakinov v. Ripple Labs case. Ripple claims that the plaintiff has had two bites at the apple and takes a third, yet he still fails to show why the statements on which his Fraud Claims depend are false.

3 d
Ripple making waves in China and Malaysia

When Marcus Treacher (Ripple’s SVP of Customer Success) revealed in a fireside chat a few weeks ago that Ripple was very keen to expand to China and that the company did transact with some Chinese nodes at the time, there was very little indication in what he was referring to. It seems that Ripple has been working under the radar with various banks and institutions in China and Malaysia for the better half of 2020.

4 d
Twenty leading comedy and satire sites choose Coil for Web Monetization

Coil, the company providing an alternative and additive way for publishers to monetize their content, announced that 20 leading comedy and satire sites are now using Coil to stream micropayments from readers to publishers based on time spent reading their content.

5 d
New York securities lawsuit against Ripple moved to California

Simmons v. Ripple Labs, one of the two cases currently open against Ripple claiming the company has violated the securities law, has been moved from New York to California.

11 d
YouTube files ludicrous motion to dismiss Ripple’s lawsuit

YouTube, the popular online video-sharing platform has filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit filed by Ripple against it, holding it accountable for crypto scams posted on its platform.

12 d
TradeConnect lists XRP

TradeConnect, a multi-asset blockchain-based exchange that allows investors to trade a wide range of financial products such as cryptocurrencies, equities, FX, commodities, and more, has added XRP trading to its platform.

18 d
Scam Alert: High-profile Twitter accounts hacked

In what appears to be a a massive effort to promote a scam and steal large amount of cryptocurrencies, various high-profile Twittter accounts have been hacked.

18 d
Coinbase adds XRP/GBP pair

Coinbase, founded in June of 2012 and one of the most well known digital asset exchanges in the world, has added a Pound sterling pair for XRP.

22 d
California Blockchain Working Group recommends regulatory clarity for digital assets

Τhe California Blockchain Working Group suggested that a definition and separate regulation of digital assets based on their function could bring regulatory clarity to blockchain and digital assets.

23 d
Lawsuit: Plaintiffs respond to Ripple’s motion to dismiss fraud allegations

Bradley Sostack, the Lead Plaintiff in the Zakinov v. Ripple Labs, Inc. case, has replied to Ripple’s motion to dismiss fraud allegations.

23 d
Q1-Q2 2020 XRP report: Survival of the fittest

In times of great uncertainty, nothing is to be taken for granted. The Covid-19 pandemic has proven that things can change very quickly. Large corporations or even whole industries can collapse while entrepreneurs with new innovative ideas have an opportunity to shine. One of the lessons that Covid-19 has reminded us is that humanity needs to and has the ability to adapt. Those that fail to adapt quickly become irrelevant.

24 d
Ripple brings certainty and speed to International Payments for Santander

Banco Santander sees great benefits in using RippleNet for its money transfer solution One Pay FX and is planning to expand it to new territories and customer segments.

1 m
Currencycloud partners with Ripple

Currencycloud, a global leader in providing embedded B2B cross-border payments for platforms of the future, announced a partnership with Ripple.

1 m
HNB sees a rapid increase in digital remittances, uses RippleNet

Hatton National Bank (HNB), the fifth-largest bank in Sri Lanka, announced a 15% Year-on-Year (YoY) increase in digital remittances during COVID lockdown, as cardless withdrawals for Lankan expatriates and the HNB RippleNet blockchain facility for enterprises helped ease the difficulties faced by customers

1 m
Exir exchange lists XRP with the Iranian rial pair

Exir, a cryptocurrency exchange operating since 2017 in Iran, announced the addition of XRP to its platform on May 27, 2020, with the Iranian rial (IRR) pair.