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7 h
Bitcoin Gets Closer to $10,000 – Analyst Considers a New Bull Run Could Start

Bitcoin (BTC) is getting closer to $10,000 as the digital currency surged by over 3.5% in the last 24 hours. The entire cryptocurrency market operated in green in …

1 d
Report Shows ETH Balances in Exchanges Are Close to All-time Highs, BTC Withdrawals Grew

The number of Ethereum (ETH) held in exchanges has been increasing over the last months, reaching an all-time high in March 2020 when the market abruptly crashed due …

2 d
Elon Musk Confesses He Owns Bitcoin While Explaining Bitcoin to J.K. Rowling

Elon Musk, the co-founder and CEO of Tesla and other innovative companies such as PayPal, revealed on Twitter he owns Bitcoin (BTC).

3 d
Crypto.com Starts Shipping the MCO Visa Cards in EU

After a long awaited period, Crypto.com has finally started shipping the MCO Visa Cards in Europe.  After shipping the batch of cards in Singapore on October 22, 2018 …

3 d
Report Shows Only 24% of Investors Remain in Bitcoin Once They Acquire It

Coinbase, one of the most popular exchanges in the cryptocurrency space, released a report in which they show how Bitcoin (BTC) is used. The report shows that Bitcoin …

4 d
Bitcoin DeFi Solutions Expand With WBTC Usage Growing

The number of users demanding WBTC continues to grow on Ethereum (ETH) Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platforms in the market.

5 d
Announcing “Win a Tesla Model 3 giveaway” by Crypto.com

After having a great halving event where more than 10,000 people managed to buy Bitcoin at a 50%, Crypto.com prepared a new way to reward its users – …

5 d
Cryptocurrency Exchanges Start New Partnership with JP Morgan Despite Old Conflicts

Despite previous clashes between JP Morgan and the cryptocurrency market, the bank has decided to start a new relationship with two crypto exchanges:

6 d
Bitcoin Halved Without Major Impact on Price and With Increased Community Engagement

Bitcoin (BTC) has recently experienced its third halving event in which it has reduced the new issuance of BTC from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC per block. This …

7 d
Just 14 Hours Before BTC Halving Event – What to Expect from it?

Bitcoin (BTC), the most valuable cryptocurrency in the market, will experience a halving event as soon as in 14 hours. That means that on May 11, the Bitcoin …

8 d
Bitcoin Falls To $8,100 While Coinbase Experiences Massive Outage

Coinbase, one of the largest and most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the market, has experienced a massive outage that left many users in the platform without the possibility …

9 d
Blockchain Oracles and RIF Gateways: Towards End-to-End Off-Chain Interoper

Blockchain Oracles became very useful as the cryptocurrency market expanded to provide quality data to smart contracts and blockchain networks in the world. Indeed, they are a key …

9 d
Analysts Bullish About Bitcoin Despite Recent Correction To $9,650

Analysts and enthusiasts in the cryptocurrency market remain bullish about Bitcoin despite its recent correction from $10,075 to $9,650. The largest virtual currency in the world behaved in …

10 d
Bitcoin Surpasses $10,000 And Retraces to $9,900 – What To Expect From It?

Bitcoin (BTC) was able to rally to over $10,050 in the last few hours as the market gets ready for the halving event that will take place in …

10 d
Blockchain-Based Social Network and Crypto-Commerce Platform CoinLinked Enters the Market

CoinLinked, the first-of-its-kind blockchain-based social network and crypto-commerce platform, has been released to the market as a safe and easy-to-use platform for users. Individuals will have the possibility …