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6 h
Princess Charlotte criticized, deemed ‘irresponsible’ after charity work

As Princess Charlotte celebrates her fifth birthday, netizens reportedly slammed her for doing charity work in Sandringham Estate.

7 h
Prince Harry deemed ‘rudderless’ as he has no friends in LA

Amid the pandemic crisis, Prince Harry reportedly feels sad, “rudderless” in Los Angeles since he has no job and friends.

8 h
Destiny’s Child manager hopes for a reunion soon

Is Destiny’s Child reuniting soon? Speculations of a reunion comes after the group’s manager, Matthew Knowles recently touched on the matter.

10 h
Kris Jenner uses one equipment to stay fit at 64

Despite the busy schedule and heavy workload, Kris Jenner reveals that she also focuses on her health by prioritizing sleep and exercise.

11 h
Facebook Messenger Rooms now allows 50 persons group chat

Facebook Messenger Rooms now allows 50 persons in a group call. The Zoom alternative finally gave room for bigger group calls.

13 h
Intel, Microsoft collaborate to detect, classify malware

Two tech giants, Intel and Microsoft, are working together in order to make it easier to detect and classify malware.

14 h
‘The Voice’ Nick Jonas, Selena Gomez, Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift’s road to finding love

The Voice coach has found his new love while Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Joe Jonas are doing the same thing as well. 

16 h
Best 5 new mobile games released this week for iOS and Android

Despite the pandemic, new mobile games are getting released every day. Here are five best picks from Apple AppStore and Google Play Store.

17 h
All digital events that gamers can watch instead of E3 2020

E3 2020 is cancelled but that isn’t stopping some developers from holding digital events of their own. Here are some of those developers.

18 h
We need to plan for life after JobKeeper now. We need to make it portable

As an emergency response to the potential mass unemployment created by the sudden lockdown, the Morrison government’s JobKeeper program has been reasonably successful. An estimated 700 000 employers, accounting for 4.7 million workers have signed up. On the other hand, the sign up of workers has been been about one million less than expected. Plenty […]

19 h
70% of people surveyed said they’d download a coronavirus app. Only 44% did. Why the gap?

In late March, we posed a hypothetical scenario to a sample of Australians, asking if they would download a contact tracing app released by the federal government; 70% responded in favour. But a more recent survey, following the release of COVIDSafe, revealed only 44% of respondents had downloaded it. The Australian government’s COVIDSafe app aims […]

21 h
Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton trying to have baby via IVF: rumor

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton were reportedly trying to have a baby using IVF. The singer’s rep denied the claims multiple times.

1 d
‘Animal Crossing New Horizons’ villagers players are paying for

It seems like some villagers are worth more than others in Animal Crossing New Horizons and players are willing to spend on these guys.

1 d
Jennifer Lopez ‘not a fan,’ omits fruits in her diet

Jennifer Lopez reportedly remains healthy and fit at 50 despite not eating salmon and fruits. Why is she “not a fan” of these healthy foods?

1 d
Honor X10: Unique pop-up camera structure revealed

The Honor X10 is shaping up to be Honor’s best entry yet in terms of camera capabilities.