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6 h
DEA seizure of pensioner’s life savings highlights need for Bitcoin

Class-action lawsuit filed against the DEA and TSA for seizing $82,000 in life savings highlights the need of Bitcoin

10 h
Publisher dumps Craig Wright Bitcoin book over litigation fears

EXCLUSIVE: A new book about Craig Wright and the ‘Battle for Bitcoin’ has been dropped by its publisher due to fears of legal action.

1 d
ASIC approves Australia’s first retail Bitcoin fund

Around 300,000 Raiz app users will be able to invest in Bitcoin at the touch of a button after ASIC gave Raiz’s retail Bitcoin fund the nod.

1 d
Goldbug Peter Schiff loses Bitcoin, Crypto Twitter loses mind

Goldbug Peter Schiff is having password problems and has lost access to his Bitcoin. He’s not getting a lot of sympathy from Crypto Twitter.

1 d
Will ‘Lightning Torch 2’ just highlight the network’s problems?

One year on and the Lightning Torch is back. But is it too early for a rerun that could highlight the issues currently plaguing the network?

3 d
Liquid refunds $4 million after canceling Telegram Gram token sale

In an anti-climactic end to its Telegram Gram token sale, Liquid exchange has abruptly canceled the offering and refunded investors.

4 d
Concerns over neo-Nazis raising millions in Bitcoin

Nazis are raising millions in Bitcoin – and a crypto comic by an alleged Nazi has sparked a heated debate on the r/Bitcoin subreddit.

4 d
Porn site data breach leaks thousands of cam models’ personal details

Thousands of adult cam models are potentially at risk as a massive data breach of a popular porn network resulted in the leak of their personal information.

4 d
Dash price spikes over 100% this week, enters crypto top ten

Privacy coin Dash has been among altcoins making strong gains this week but what has caused it to spike and enter the top ten?

5 d
Bitcoin trading volumes 3x all time high as $9000 looms

Bitcoin trading volumes have again risen to record levels – three times higher than the 2017 peak – as BTC targets the $9000 barrier.

5 d
Malaysia issues regulations for IEOs, bans ICOs

Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) issued guidelines for initial exchange offerings (IEOs) and in the process appear to have outlawed ICOs.

5 d
A Billboard-topping rapper is building a ‘crypto city’ in Africa

Grammy-nominated rapper Akon has received permission to build a crypto powered city in Africa. There are a few outstanding questions though.

5 d
Bex500 crypto exchange is giving away 1000 BTC

Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency derivatives exchange Bex500 is giving away 1000 BTC in bonuses – here’s how to claim yours.

5 d
What is driving the altcoin frenzy and will it continue?

Today it is the turn of the altcoins as many are making double digit gains at the moment, but what is driving it?

6 d
SEC issues IEO investor alert

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has issued an alert warning investors about the dangers of IEOs.