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Bitcoin has Seen a Major Boost Amid Dollar Crisis

Bitcoin has seen a major boost amid the dollar crisis, and a further devaluation of the dollar could very well see investors jumping ship.

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Top 5 Largest Mergers and acquisitions deals in the cryptocurrency industry

The cryptocurrency industry has undergone various changes in the past eleven years since its inception. Despite regular regulatory challenges, the

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Bitcoin could reach 9000$ in April, why?

Let’s discuss how Bitcoin can perform in April, and why do we think that bitcoin price could hit 9000$. Bitcoin

4 d
How Blockchain Technology Will transform the Insurance Market

blockchain technology is already restructuring insurance markets dramatically, and we should expect that to trend to continue its acceleration in the coming years.

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A simple guide to understanding FTX Bull and Bear tokens

FTX bull and bear are ERC20 tokens which gives 3x returns on the change in price of the underlying assets.

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Top 10 Low market cap altcoins to invest in 2020

In this article, we will discuss Top 10 Low market cap altcoins to invest in 2020. The cryptocurrency market is

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Why is Bitcoin a safe haven in a financial crisis

In this article, we will discuss Why Bitcoin is a safe haven and how it can perform during the next financial crisis.

10 d
Three Ways the Coronavirus Market Correction Could Play Out

The coronavirus stock market correction arrived on 25 February, when Wall Street came to the realization that the Covid-19 outbreak

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Bitcoin to See Major Increase Based Off of Three Economic Signals

Investors are now looking to take theirs into Bitcoin. In fact, we can expect Bitcoin to see a major increase, based off of three economic signals.

12 d
Bitcoin reclaimed major weekly support, Is Recovery possible to 9000$ before halving?

Bitcoin Bulls have shown nice buying momentum last week, Bitcoin also reclaimed 200-week moving average support after the weekly close above 5500$.

13 d
Impact of the 2020 Halving on the Bitcoin Industry

This article suggests that Bitcoin Miner Capitulations Accelerate Bottoms, and lead to bullish reversals in the long-run.

14 d
A starter guide to Bitcoin Options trading

In this Guide, we will cover Bitcoin options trading, options trading platforms and how to trade bitcoin options on deribit.

16 d
Bitcoin Hashrate dropped by 50% in less than a week, new lows ahead?

Bitcoin hashrate has dropped quite significantly from 124,250, 397 TH/S to 82,285,031 in last seven days. Bitcoin hashrate has dropped by over 50%.

16 d
Bakkt and Bitcoin : Journey of developments and speculations from announcement to launch

Bakkt (pron. backed) is an online derivatives platform that offers contracts on Bitcoin. Currently, it offers both futures and options contracts.

17 d
Bitcoin Market’s Sentiments turned bullish after USA President’s recent press conference

Big announcements are coming up from the ongoing press conference of USA President Donald Trump. Bitcoin and Stock market responded positively.