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Why Crypto Acquisitions Will be the Norm After the Binance-Coinmarketcap Deal

As with all business environments, there are projects that have managed to continue thriving despite the grim prospects of the future. Consequently, such projects will slowly but surely start the process of absorbing less successful projects as seen more often in traditional business settings.

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Tron (TRX) Ventures Into DeFi With its Revolutionary DApp, JUST

In brief: The team at Tron had been working on a DeFi platform known as Djed.  The Mainnet was launched today, April 4th.  The DApp has been rebranded to JUST.  Decentralized Finance, or simply DeFi, has been one of 2020’s highly anticipated use cases of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. As the name suggests, DeFi plans to revolutionize how lending, borrowing, saving and investing is carried out on the blockchain through the use of smart contracts. Initially, all the DeFi applications were […]

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Bitcoin Price Analysis: After Failing to Reclaim $7,000, What’s Next for BTC?

In brief: Bitcoin exhibited some bullish momentum earlier on in the week.  BTC traded briefly at $7,200, dropped below $7,000 and then attempted, with no success, to reclaim this level as support.  However, we are back in familiar territory with $6,900 being the level to overcome once again.  On April fools day, keen crypto traders managed to identify $6,200 as a good support zone for Bitcoin and rode the $1,000 move that soon followed. The King of Crypto traded briefly […]

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Tron’s (TRX) Bug Bounty Continues to Bear Fruit as the Network Blossoms 2 Years On

As the Tron Mainnet celebrates its second anniversary, its robustness has been noted by keen community members. One of the reasons for its solid codebase is the currently ongoing bug bounty program on Hackerone.com.

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Binance News Update: OTC Trading Portal, Fiat On-ramp for S.A Rand and Flexible Deposits for LTC & TRX

With respect to the crypto exchange of Binance, the team has consistently made valuable additions to the products and services offered by the platform.

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XRP Price Analysis: Bulls Back in Control but Analyst Warns $0.078 is Possible

In the case of XRP, the coin has managed to bounce back from what looked like a certain decrease in value. The coin is currently trading at $0.1766 and looks set to maintain current levels or continue on a bullish trajectory.

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This Factom-Based Stablecoin Network is About to See $1 Billion in Conversions

The Factom-based stablecoin network PegNet is fast approaching $1 billion in total conversions, elucidating its massive rate-of-growth and fundamental adoption

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Ethereum Price Analysis: With BTC Dominance Firmly at 65%, What’s Next for ETH?

In conclusion, our favorite alt-coin of Ethereum looks set for a bearish few days based on the observation of decreasing trade volume, a wedge about to resolve to the downside and a death cross forming on the daily chart.

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Binance Coin Price Analysis: BNB Could Reclaim $14 But the Trend is Still Bearish

The 6-hour BNB/USDT chart has revealed to us that the prominent alt-coin has formed a rising wedge with an upper boundary of around $13.50.

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How Bitcoin’s (BTC) Current Price Around $6,000 is Reminiscent of 2018

Taking a closer look at the behavior of Bitcoin’s, we experience a moment of deja-vu with $6,000 acting as the much-needed support for the digital asset. Such behavior by Bitcoin was last seen between February and November 2018.

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Tether’s Dominance Solidified as more Exchanges Launch Bitcoin USDT Futures Contracts

In a span of a week, the two derivatives platforms of KuMex and ByBit have launched Bitcoin perpetual contracts denominated in Tether (USDT).

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Bitcoin’s (BTC) Support at $6,000 Threatened by a Death Cross on the Daily Chart

Firstly, a death cross has formed as can be seen with the 50 (white) moving average, crossing the 200 (green) moving average from above.

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Bitcoin (BTC) Could be Tested By Another Stock Market Dip Due to the Coronavirus

Lately, we have seen that BTC is heavily correlated to the S&P 500 and a move down by the latter asset will most definitely have a ripple effect on Bitcoin. 

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Why the Binance Crypto Card is Bullish for Bitcoin (BTC) and BNB

The only assets that will be used to top up the card will be Bitcoin and Binance Coin. This, in turn, means BTC and BNB will have additional utility in the Binance Card app thus increasing demand for the two assets.

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Binance to Distribute ETH to DGD Holders as DigixDAO Initiates Dissolution

Trading of DGD will cease tomorrow, 27th March, at 12:00 UTC. The token will consequently be delisted. A snapshot of DGD holdings will be taken on the 28th of March 2020, at 16:00 UTC.