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8 h
Coinbase’s Investment arm Contributes $1.1 Million in USDC to UnISwap and PoolTogether

Coinbase did not invest in these companies directly, but utilized its Bootstrap Fund arm.That venture focuses on supporting projects in the DeFi space.

19 h
Japan Introduces new Regulation for Foreign Exchanges

It now seems that foreign companies looking to set up shop in Japan will need to hold licenses in multiple jurisdictions.

1 d
Apple Changes Affecting Webkit Don’t Bode Well for Crypto Web Wallets in Safari

As Apple is now capping the duration of the validity of this data, the private key information will also be removed in seven days, at least theoretically.

2 d
OKEx Will Launch its 11th IEO Token Sale With DEAPCOIN

DEP Has a total supply of 30 billion DEP tokens and can be purchased on OKEx on April 8. Participating in this token sale is possible through the OKB token.

2 d
Crypto Exchanges see a Hefty Increase in User Signups

There is good money to be made.It is possible that this is a big reason behind the recent surge in centralized exchange users.

2 d
An Unconventional Guide On Robinhood

EC regulates any securities brokerages and, Robinhood has to follow a lot of rules and regulations. So, you do not have to worry about your money.

2 d
Binance Keeps Centralizing Crypto by Potential CoinMarketCap Acquisition

First of all, there are concerns as to how Binance may try to influence information on CMC to suit its own narrative. How that will be done, remains unclear

3 d
Exchanges Note an Increase in Balances Pertaining to Stablecoins

One of these stablecoins is trying to make a move.The USDC balance on exchanges has risen sharply over the past few weeks.

3 d
It is now Possible to Access Blockchain Domains With the Opera Browser

Opera is now changing that narrative with its most recent update.Users of this browser can now access all .crypto domains with ease.

4 d
Aztec Wants to Bring Scalable Privacy to Ethereum With ZK-ZK Rollups

Aztec is one of those solutions, as it is an incredibly fast privacy engine for the Ethereum blockchain with plenty of potential waiting to be unlocked.

4 d
KB Kookmin Bank Wants to Provide Custodial Services for Crypto Assets

Once granted, KB Kookmin Bank will look for ways to provide fund management of different crypto assets. Bitcoin is supported out of the gate.

5 d
Ledger User Loses 14,000 XRP due to a Fake Browser Extension

Despite that course of action, there are still at least two different Ledger-related applications on the Chrome store today.

5 d
Malicious Bitcoin QR Code Generators Steal $45,000 in a Month

Many people generate a QR code to receive cryptocurrency payments in a convenient manner. It is far easier compared to sharing wallet addresses.

6 d
Charles Hoskinson Worries That Wikipedia Censors Crypto-related Pages

All changes made on Wikipedia have to be reviewed by an editor.To ensure the information is incorrect, editors and contributors would have to be in cahoots.

6 d
Gold Enthusiast Claims Bitcoin is a Scam due to a Lack of Headquarters and Hotline

This user also appears to be taken aback by the fact that no one can “bail out users if they lose Bitcoin”.There are no offices, no companies, no hotline.