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3 h
The Litecoin Network Processed Over $100 Billion in Transactions Last Year

2019 was the time of Litecoin’s second block reward halving,.Such a development often has a positive impact on the network, and Litecoin did not disappoint.

16 h
The Craig Wright Book Will not be Released Over Litigation Concerns

Titled “Behind the Mask: Craig Wright and the Battle for Bitcoin”, it would depict some very interesting tales. It will not be released, however.

1 d
MoneroTipsBot Changes the way we Think About Crypto Tipping Services

Instead of relying on the availability of the MoneroTipsBot to receive one’s tips, users will always have access to the funds directly.

1 d
Crypto Portfolio Tracker Crypto Pro has Arrived on macOS

This new macOS app has been available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch for some time now.Initial versions of Crypto Pro began surfacing back in 2015.

2 d
BlockFi Introduces Litecoin Support to Attract More Customers

With the addition of LTC, Litecoin investors can now earn interest on their holdings, as well as borrow against their LTC portfolio’s value.

2 d
Blockchain Collectibles Start Selling for big Money

Given the limited quantity, the price of these blockchain collectibles may increase if they would ever be resold. That may never happen, however.

3 d
Bitkub Becomes the Official Partner of Ripple in Thailand

It is another major partnership for Ripple in Thailand.Earlier this year, the company joined forces with Siam Commercial bank for a mobile application.

3 d
Japanese Brave Browser Users can now Link to PayPal

One has to wonder why PayPal suddenly becomes an option to link accounts for Brave users, instead of a convenient crypto-based solution.

4 d
Quantstamp Successfully Completes its OmiseGO More Viable Plasma Audit

For OmiseGO, there was never any major concern regarding its underlying security.Having that confirmed by an esteemed firm such as Quantstamp is beneficial.

4 d
Blockchain Technology & Data Storage: A New Kind of Cloud Computing

Many potential use cases for decentralized storage exist. Others have yet to be discovered. The advantages of this approach should not be underestimated. Let’s analyze what blockchain technology can bring to the table when it comes to decentralized data & storage solutions. Contents1 A Logical Hardware Evolution2 Time to Evolve the Mindset3 The Cloud Isn’t …

4 d
One of the Potentially Many Decentralized Stable is Coming to TRON

The true purpose of stablecoins is to provide price stability and access to other crypto assets.It is a bit unclear how this TRON-based currency will fare

5 d
Homeland Security Expects More White Supremacists Will use Bitcoin in 2020

The Homeland Security Preparedness Director claims how domestic terror groups will use bitcoin more aggressively in the years to come.

5 d
Australia is the Latest Country to Extensively Research CBDCs

Sources claim that the Reserve Bank of Australia is conducting “major trials” for CBDCs. It also appears that the bank wants to leverage ethereum technology

6 d
The SEC Tells Investors to Tread With Caution When Investing in IEOs

Not entirely surprising, as IEOs have become the new initial coin offerings for both projects and investors. It is easier to dump tokens.

6 d
President Maduro Wants to Revive the Petro in 2020

He expects the Petro to make inroads in oil sales to passport fees, among other things. A momnumental challenge, given no one asked for this currency.