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17 sec
David Luiz Returns to Chelsea after Frank Lampard Dumped Him Out

As David Luiz makes his return to Stamford Bridge with new club Arsenal he’ll go head to head with the manager who didn’t rate him.

3 h
Literal Welfare Queen Elizabeth Should Follow Harry and Meghan’s Exit

Harry and Meghan are giving up their privilege to live the American Dream. Queen Elizabeth remains the world’s number one welfare queen.

10 h
Darrelle Revis Was Better at Football Than Richard Sherman, but Not at Trash Talk 

While Darrelle Revis was better than 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman in his prime, he doesn’t have the trash-talking skills to back it up.

13 h
Get Hyped With These Excellent PlayStation 5 Concept Designs

Ahead of an official PlayStation 5 reveal, enterprising designers have let their imaginations run wild, conjuring stellar concept designs.

13 h
NYT Endorsement Shows Democrats Are Determined to Lose to Trump

The unprecedented New York Times endorsement of two primary candidates waters down an already weak and divided field for Democrats.

15 h
Instead of Bringing YouTube TV to PS4, Google Should Fix Their Broken Platform

YouTube is a mess, and Google seems to be content to let it stay that way while they focus on services they can sell to people instead.

16 h
Footage of First Confirmed PlayStation 5 Game Godfall Leaks Online

Combat footage of the first confirmed PlayStation 5 launch title, the upcoming action-RPG looter-shooter Godfall, has leaked online.

17 h
Storing Crypto on a Centralized Exchange Is Safer for Most, Says Binance CEO

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao advocated for storing your crypto on a centralized exchange after Peter Schiff lost access to his bitcoin holdings.

18 h
Warning! The S&P 500 Is Ripe for a Nauseating Plunge

S&P 500 may be due for a correction in the next two weeks as many large caps are overbought. This doesn’t mean that bull run is over.

18 h
Dow Futures Stuck in Neutral After China Fails to Extend Low-Rate Stimulus

Futures on the Dow and broader U.S. stock market were little changed on Monday, as thin holiday trading kept investors on the sidelines.

18 h
How Jordan Henderson Silenced the Doubters to Become One of Europe’s Best

Not that long ago, the Liverpool captain was a figure of fun. Now Henderson is one of the leading midfielders on the continent.

18 h
Jeff Bezos Vs. Elon Musk: Amazon Could Be Tesla’s Black Swan

Amazon’s investment in an electric delivery fleet across the globe should be a matter of concern for Tesla.

19 h
4.0 Introduces the T-Bridge Framework, a Generalized Framework for Private-Public Blockchain Asset and Data Bridges

The 4.0 release features the T-Bridge framework (with the “T” standing for “Trust”), a generalized framework for data and asset transfer between heterogeneous public and private blockchains.

19 h
3 Reasons Why the Facebook Bubble is Ripe for a Huge 2020 Burst

Facebook stock performed exceptionally well 2019. But as the bulls grow more euphoric, the stage is set for a big correction in 2020.

20 h
Even the NHS is Screaming Warnings about Gaming’s Loot Boxes

Loot boxes are not well-liked in the gaming community, now even the NHS’s director of mental health has spoken out against them.