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11 m
Time to reimagine your stock exchange with blockchain

Meet Mr. Hong; he runs a stock exchange in Cambodia with a tiny market capitalization of its listed companies. This exchange operates just like any other stock exchange in the world, in a sense, it is centralized, expensive and limited in transparency. Let’s look at how his exchange works from the bottom up. At the …

1 y
Bitmain announces the launch of next-generation 7nm ASIC chip

In an interesting development on Monday, crypto mining giant Bitmain announced its latest and next generation 7nm ASIC chip BM 1397.

1 y
QuadrigaCX transactions tied to dark web, says research

New research cites that numerous transactions from QuadrigaCX cold wallets were traced back to dark market websites

1 y
Any use case of Ethereum no longer exists, says Craig Wright

The alleged creator of Bitcoin, Craig Wright is at it again calling Ethereum a rip off Bitcoin and saying that it has got no use cases.

1 y
Tron [TRX] rides on bullish momentum as the market turns green

Tron rides on bullish momentum as the market experiences a reversal in fortunes and turns into a sea of green, with gains across the board.

1 y
Craig Wright reaffirms he is bitcoin inventor, ready to testify before CFTC

Craig Wright is ready to prove his claim! Craig, one of the main proponents of Bitcoin SV, told the CFTC in a request for input filing that

1 y
Ethereum [ETH] continues its surge, breaches key resistance at $135.41

Ethereum [ETH]surges ahead as the cryptocurrency market continues to make moderate to significant gains across the board.

1 y
ShapeShift mends ways, opens testing for revamped exchange

ShapeShift, the crypto exchange is aiming for a major rebranding this year. The exchange, as a stepping stone, has already updated its logo,

1 y
Bitcoin Cash May upgrade to include Schnorr signatures, confirms devs

The May upgrade for Bitcoin Cash otherwise known as Bitcoin ABC will add multiple features to the Bitcoin cash blockchain

1 y
Nasdaq to roll out new indices for Bitcoin, Ethereum

Nasdaq is launching two new indices for Bitcoin and Ethereum, according to the Nasdaq website. The indices named Bitcoin Liquid Index [BLX]

1 y
Majority in favor of implementation of ASIC-resistant ProgPoW algorithm, poll reveals

According to a poll, the majority seems to be in favor of the implementation of ProgPow in the Ethereum Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm.

1 y
Binance Coin [BNB] bulls retreat, faces stiff resistance at $9.6

Binance Coin [BNB] exhibited a steep rise at the beginning of the day. The cryptocurrency rose by 3% after finding support at $8.91

1 y
Canadian crypto exchange Coinsquare acquires StellarX

StellarX, the fully decentralized exchange app built on Stellar protocol, was acquired by the Canadian crypto exchange Coinsquare. StellarX

1 y
SABER to the rescue to prevent Bitcoin from splitting into two

According to the ETH Zurich’s white paper, they’ve invented a relay network called SABRE that will prevent Bitcoin from splitting into two.

1 y
QuadrigaCX creditors will have to wait for “representative counsel”

The QuadrigaCX case drags on! In a new court hearing that happened yesterday, Nova Scotia Supreme Court judge, Michael Wood, delayed