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10 h
Bitfinex now offering up to 10% per year staking rewards

Exchanges are embracing the staking, raising blockchain governance questions.

13 h
Factom blockchain firm going into liquidation

This is one of probably very few cases where the ICO was a better bet than the equity.

2 d
11 cryptocurrency firms hit with coordinated lawsuits

Allegations of illegal securities sales are visiting some of the biggest names in cryptocurrency.

5 d
Crypto Fire Alliance completes fundraising for Australian Bushfires

Bushfire season has officially ended and with it the Crypto Fire Alliance fundraising effort.

5 d
Cryptocurrency trading shrinking relative to other assets

What are the traders doing amidst coronavirus – which asset classes are in and which are out?

5 d
Binance snags CoinMarketCap in major acquisition

It’s believed to be one of the largest acquisitions in the cryptocurrency space to date.

6 d
French central bank gears up for digital currency testing

The tests aim to find out how a euro CBDC could work among other digital assets and other CBDCs.

6 d
Power Ledger commencing largest project to date in France

Peer to peer energy trading is becoming a key part of green policies around the world.

12 d
CoinSpot is Australia’s first ISO27001 certified cryptocurrency exchange

How do you gauge exchange security standards without being an expert?

12 d
Binance releasing everyday crypto-backed Visa debit card

The Binance crypto-backed Visa debit card: Coming to 46 million locations near you.

13 d
Nexo adds PAXG gold stablecoin as collateral option

The new feature highlights some of the unique characterstics of cryptocurrency as an asset class.

15 d
US coronavirus relief bill includes push for digital currency

This may be one of history’s most ambitious welfare programs – made possible by digital currency.

19 d
Binance CEO: “They’re buying like crazy right now”

Who’s buying crypto right now, who’s selling, and why?

19 d
Huobi adds incremental liquidation system after market crash

Can light-touch guardrails keep the crypto markets in line without getting in the way of trading?

19 d
Bitcoin prices leap as US bond yields turn negative

The dynamic, unending search for a store of value has picked up the pace.