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Online Learning Platform Coursera Offers 21 Bitcoin-Related Courses

US-based online learning platform Coursera, which has more than 47 million users, is offering 21 different courses covering Bitcoin. 

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Ripple-Backed MoneyGram Announces New Partnership With Suez Canal Bank

MoneyGram has announced a strategic partnership with Suez Canal Bank, allowing customers from around the world to send money directly to account holders in Egypt.

5 h
Japan Explores Digital Yen As Facebook and China Lead Push for Virtual Currencies

Lawmakers in Japan are drafting a plan that would allow the country to issue its own digital currency. Reuters reports that a group consisting of 70 Liberal Democratic Party lawmakers are drafting a proposal to create Japan’s own virtual currency in response to Facebook’s Libra and China’s efforts to issue a digital yuan.

11 h
Cardano Creator Charles Hoskinson Unveils Collaboration With EU Consortium

Charles Hoskinson, chief executive officer of IOHK, the development company behind the decentralized public blockchain Cardano, says his team is working with a consortium in the European Union to address use cases for distributed ledger technology. The group’s effort points to one of the hottest tech trends in 2020 as companies and governments continue to …

11 h
Ripple Moves 356,207,423 XRP As Bitcoin Whales Transfer $134,600,000 in BTC

Crypto traders are trying to determine why Ripple is moving 356,207,423 XRP worth $78.4 million. The San Francisco startup, which owns more than half of all XRP in existence, sent the XRP to unknown wallets in two separate transactions.

15 h
Federal Agency Hits Wells Fargo’s Ex-CEO With Lifetime Ban and $17.5 Million Fine for Fake Account Scheme

Wells Fargo’s John Stumpf got hit with a lifetime ban from the banking industry in an unprecedented action by a US watchdog. The bank’s former chief executive officer will also pay a fine of $17.5 million for his role in embroiling Wells Fargo in a massive fake-accounts scheme that sparked national outrage. To meet crazy …

23 h
A World of Tokenized Assets Takes Center Stage at Davos

Speaking at a session on Tuesday titled “From Token Assets to a Token Economy” at the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, blockchain industry leaders agree that the tokenization of real world assets could transform business models and entire industries.

1 d
Twitter Blocks XRP Payments Platform Amid Rumors of Bitcoin (BTC) Integration

Twitter has blocked the popular XRP Tip Bot, which allows users to send XRP to one another by tweeting a string of commands.

1 d
Coinbase Set to Pass $8,400,000,000 Bitcoin Milestone, Outperforming All Cryptocurrency Exchanges With Highest Amount of BTC

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is set to reach a new milestone. It’s about to hold 1,000,000 Bitcoin valued at roughly $8.4 billion, according to new analysis by blockchain data platform Longhash.

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Billionaire Investor: Here’s Why Millennials Should Build Their Empire With Bitcoin (BTC)

If you’re a millennial, you should consider jumping into Bitcoin – says venture capitalist Tim Draper. In a new interview with Fox Business, Draper says times have changed and many investment and savings strategies that “your father or your grandfather” followed are outdated and unreliable.

1 d
Fundstrat’s Tom Lee Says Clients Showing Increasing Interest in Bitcoin (BTC), Predicts Big Year for Leading Cyptocurrency

Bitcoin bull Thomas Lee, head of research at Fundstrat Global Advisors, is predicting another good year for the world’s most dominant cryptocurrency.

1 d
If This Bipartisan Bill Passes, Banks in Hawaii Could Hold Bitcoin (BTC) and Cryptocurrency for Customers

Hawaiian lawmakers have introduced a bipartisan bill that would allow banks to hold cryptocurrencies. Introduced on January 17th by five state senators, the bill defines all digital assets as “intangible personal property” and categorizes cryptocurrencies by three different categories: assets, securities and digital currencies.

1 d
Ripple Chief Says Billion-Dollar Crypto Startup Will Launch IPO But Timeline Is Uncertain

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse says it’s only a matter of time before the San Francisco payments startup goes public.

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$100,000 Bitcoin (BTC) Buzz Kill – Strategist Analyzes Fear of Imminent Crypto ‘Death Spiral’

A popular crypto strategist who says Bitcoin will likely hit $50,000 to $100,000 by 2021 is analyzing the risk of a “death spiral” that could thwart his prediction.

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Detroit Man Sues Bank for Refusing to Cash His Settlement Check – From a Separate Discrimination Lawsuit

When Sauntore Thomas showed up at his bank branch to cash checks he’d lawfully obtained in a settlement from a racial discrimination lawsuit against his former employer, the clerks didn’t believe the checks were real.