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9 h
EOS, Ethereum and Tron Outrank Bitcoin, XRP and Stellar Lumens in New Crypto Ratings Index

A new crypto ratings index from China’s Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID) is out. The government-sponsored index ranks the top crypto assets based on three key factors – tech, applicability and creativity.

12 h
Intercontinental Exchange’s Bitcoin Trading Platform Bakkt Launches New Products, Introduces Its Cash-Settled BTC Futures

Bakkt announced two news products on Monday. The Bitcoin trading platform, backed by Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), will now offer Bitcoin options as well as cash-settled futures.

13 h
Tether Mints 200,000,000 USDT As Crypto Whales Move 2,811 BTC and 38,000,000 XRP

Whale watchers are eyeing Tether, Bitcoin and XRP to try and figure out if recent activity offers any insight into where the crypto markets will head next.

14 h
Ripple Director of Product Launches XRP Entertainment Marketplace for Music

Ripple’s director or product is rolling out a new digital marketplace that will allow musicians to sell their songs for XRP.

17 h
Bloomberg Lists Top Cryptocurrencies of 2019: Bitcoin Comes in Second, With XRP And Stellar Lagging Behind

Bitcoin had a big 2019, with a 101% jump in price from $3,742 to $7,537 at time of publishing, according to CoinMarketCap. But despite its blockbuster performance, Bitcoin is not the number one crypto asset of the year, in terms of performance.

22 h
Ethereum Developers Are Creating a Revolutionary Open Financial System: Report

To combat failing fiscal policies, currency manipulation and a shadow banking system that continues to feed fee-grabbing financial intermediaries, Ethereum developers are building tools that reimagine how money flows and how financial services are provided.

23 h
Crypto Analyst Calls Big Bitcoin Breakout in Three Days – BTC, XRP, Ripple, Litecoin Newsflash

A crypto analyst known in the industry as The Cryptomist says Bitcoin may be poised for a big breakout. In a series of tweets to her 43,000 followers, the analyst says BTC appears to be in an ascending triangle and could breakout in a matter of days.

1 d
Millennials Opting for Bitcoin Investment Over Netflix and Disney, Reports Charles Schwab

Millenials would rather have exposure to Bitcoin than invest in Netflix or Disney, according to new numbers from Charles Schwab.

1 d
Major Ethereum Upgrade Istanbul Goes Live to Enhance Performance and Scalability

Ethereum’s most recent system-wide network upgrade, dubbed “Istanbul,” is now live. It implements six different Ethereum improvement proposals (EIPs), which aim to enhance performance on the public blockchain while introducing new ways for developers to create smart contract-based decentralized applications (DApps). Developers have already delivered a slew of DApps that are  available for free on …

1 d
Got Crypto? $475K in Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and Ethereum (ETH) Buys Airbnb Villas and Top Restaurant in Bali

Crypto enthusiasts can now use Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum to purchase a sprawling commercial property located in Bali, Indonesia. The rental income property is comprised of three villas and a top 30 TripAdvisor restaurant.

1 d
Secret Bitcoin Indicator Signals Major BTC Bull Run Incoming, Says Crypto Hedge Fund Insider

An analyst at the crypto hedge fund Adaptive Capital is releasing a mysterious chart that he says indicates a major Bitcoin bull run is about to begin.

2 d
Charles Hoskinson Plots Path Forward for the Cardano Foundation, the ‘Single Most Important Entity’ for Its Decentralization

Although building a public blockchain network that can scale for billions of users has been a rough ride at times, Cardano creator Charles Hoskinson says the Cardano Foundation, whose leader, Michael Parsons, stepped down last year, is the engine that will drive the platform toward true decentralization. In a new video on YouTube, Hoskinson reveals …

2 d
Crypto Merchant Processor Pushing to Boost Momentum for Litecoin Payments

The CEO of crypto payment processor Aliant says the company is actively talking to additional professional sports teams about the possibility of supporting LTC. In a new interview with FOS, Eric Brown says Aliant is pushing to build momentum for crypto adoption in the world of sports. “We’re talking to a couple of other teams. …

2 d
Craig Wright Says Bitcoin SV Targets Enterprise Solutions to Spark Major Adoption: Tom Lee Crypto Edition

In a sweeping interview on the creation of Bitcoin and the purpose of Bitcoin SV, the ninth-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, Bitcoin bull Thomas Lee, head researcher at Fundstrat Globabl Advisors and the host of 3 Points TV, sits down with BSV supporters Craig Wright and Jimmy Nguyen to explore their views on how the …

2 d
Ripple Executive Says XRP Poised to Boost Financial Inclusion in the US and Abroad

Ripple chief technology officer David Schwartz says the company is aiming to bring greater financial equality to people both in the US and overseas. In his keynote address at Ripple’s UBRI Connect 2019, Schwartz highlights the fact that despite misperceptions, millions of people in America lack sufficient access to mainstream financial services. “We tend to …


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