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23 h
“Golden Cross” Formation Suggests Big Bitcoin Rally May Be Imminent

The “Golden Cross” formation that we’ve been waiting for these last two weeks has come through today, which is an extremely bullish sign for bitcoin.

1 d
Seoul Bitcoin Events and Blockchain Meetups for 2020, Rated and Reviewed

If you live in the Seoul area and are interested in blockchain technology, you need this list of Seoul blockchain meetings and bitcoin events for 2020.

2 d
Best Dividend-Paying Altcoins and Cryptocurrencies 2020

Here’s a comprehensive look at the best dividend-paying altcoins and cryptocurrencies to buy and hold to receive “interest” payments in digital currency.

2 d
Threat of Crypto-Unfriendly Regulation Pushed Bitcoin Back Below $10,000

The main driver of crypto prices today has been the looming threat that FinCEN and US regulators could come out with scary new crypto regulations.

4 d
As the Euro Continues Slow Decline, Bitcoin Technicals Are Looking Favorable

While the euro continues its 18-month decline against the dollar, Bitcoin technicals are looking good at the moment.

5 d
FC Barcelona Fan Token Sale May Help to Take Tokenization to the Mainstream

One of the most famous sports teams in the world, FC Barcelona, has announced that they’ll be releasing a new cryptocurrency for fan engagement.

7 d
Altseason Continues, Tezos “Moons”

With a crack, the crypto markets continued on their path higher yesterday afternoon and clearly demonstrated just how much momentum there is in the nascent industry.

7 d
Altseason is Here But its the Small Coins That Are Taking Off

The good new is, it’s still altseason. The not so great news is that, instead of the large-cap altcoins, it’s the mid and small caps that are flying today.

8 d
How to Use Token Velocity to Value Digital Assets (With Downloadable Spreadsheet)

Learn how you can use token velocity as a valuation metric to compare different digital assets with one another.

8 d
Bitcoin Finally Hits $10,000 But Fails to Remain Above the Milestone Price Level

Over the weekend, bitcoin finally punctured moved past the psychological resistance of $10,000 but, unfortunatlely, failed to remain firm at that level on Monday.

11 d
When Will Bitcoin Hit $10,000 Again?

The price of bitcoin is less than $300 away from the almost iconic $10,000 mark. But will BTC hit that price target today?

13 d
Bitcoin is Testing the Psychologically Important $10,000 Mark

At the moment, bitcoin is testing the psychologically important level of $10,000. Technicals points to a potential move above $10k within 24 hours.

13 d
Traders Rejoice! Altseason Has Arrived

Since the start of the year, it has become apparent that altcoins are back. Traders finally have an “altseason” to trade into and out of riskier bitcoin alternatives.

15 d
Best Crypto and Bitcoin Cloud Mining Providers for 2020

Do you want to mine digital currencies without having to buy mining hardware? You can do that by purchasing mining contracts from crypto cloud mining providers.

15 d
As Tesla Shoots for the Moon, Digital Assets Correct

Tesla stock has experienced an impressive 212% rally since October, which has led to Tesla have a larger market cap than BMW and Ford. Conversely, Digital assets have corrected to start the new month.