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20 min
Bitcoin Whale Says He’s Done Dumping BTC As Cryptocurrency Market Turns Green

A high-profile Bitcoin whale says he’s stopped dumping BTC. The whale, who goes by the name Joe007, earned $20 million in realized profit from December through January on the crypto exchange Bitfinex.

20 min
Budget requests show that U.S. agencies are pushing for smarter, better staffed crypto oversight

Federal agencies want more money for crypto and blockchain oversight – specifically, to bring in people who understand the technology, as recent budget docs show.

24 min
Bitcoin Dump Could Lead to Altcoin Increase

The Bitcoin dominance rate has been increasing since reaching a low of 61.98% on February 15. Altcoin prices would then increase as a result.

33 min
This Simple Change Could Prompt Huge New Bitcoin Buying Mania

Over the years, many crypto industry observers have pointed to the same potential problem with Bitcoin. It’s nothing to do with transactions per section,

33 min
We Shouldn’t Want Buffett to Invest in BTC Right Now

One source is warning that if Warren Buffett were to ever get involved in crypto, this would be a bad sign that things are saturated.

38 min
Steven Seagal Settles Token-Touting Charges With SEC Over 2018 ICO

Martial artist and actor Steven Seagal was charged with not declaring payments related to his promotion of a token launched by Bitcoiin2Gen.

39 min
Draper-Backed Exchange in Lockdown Following ‘Sophisticated’ Attack

Coinhako has restricted user accounts since last Friday following an “attack,” but has not released many details around the incident.

42 min
$144 million in Bitcoin paid by ransomware victims over six years

A recent FBI panel revealed that ransomware victims have paid out more than $144 million in Bitcoin ransoms over the last six years.

48 min
How Much Bitcoin You’d Get If All 21 Million Were Distributed Worldwide

It is not a secret that Bitcoin is one of the scarcest assets out there. But have you wondered how rare the largest cryptocurrency really is? There Is So

50 min
Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec Says Bitcoin’s Price Will ‘Quantuple’ Long-Term

Shark Tank co-host Robert Herjavec sees long-term potential for Bitcoin, saying the asset is currently worth a fraction of its future value.

57 min
Ethereum Futures volume inches closer to May 2019 ATH

As the cryptocurrency market recovers from the drastic fall on 25 and 26 February, the Futures market has a novel story to tell. While on one hand, Bitcoin Futures are seeing reduced Open Interest, on the other hand, Ethereum Futures are reflecting new great momentum in its daily volume. According to the data provider, Skew, […]

1 h
Shark Tank Investor Robert Herjavec Calls Bitcoin the Future

Shark Tank investor Robert Herjavec says that the future of electronic payments lies in bitcoin.

1 h
Propping XLM; Stellar Invests In FinTech company DSTOQ

The SDF (Stellar Development Foundation) has recently announced a strategic deal and investment in the DSTOQ Group AG, a stock exchange and

1 h
Hollywood Actor Steven Seagal Fined $314,000 By SEC For Unlawfully Promoting An ICO

A celebrity endorsing an ICO is nothing new to the industry. However, such celebrities are required by the SEC to disclose the revenue

1 h
Проект цифровой валюты Libra от Facebook пополнил криптовалютный брокер Tagomi

Американский криптовалютный брокер Tagomi присоединился к Libra Association, организации, отвечающей за разработку проекта цифровой валюты Libra от крупнейшей социальной сети Facebook. We’re exci