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Tether (USDT)

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7 h
Tether Gold is a Different Breed of Digital Asset

For now, it remains to be seen if this new Tether Gold asset will be listed on any cryptocurrency trading platforms as well.

14 h
Tether not being censorship-resistant, a good thing: Circle CEO

Stablecoin’s value proposition comes from its inherent feature of being censorship-resistance and increased stability than most conventional cryptocurrencies. Tether, being the most popular one, was expected to follow this norm. Most critics of Tether still argue whether this stablecoin is, in fact, censorship-resistant or not. According to Jeremy Allaire, CEO of Circle, Tether is not […]

19 h
Tether Cryptocurrency Deposits Now Available at FXGate

FXGate, a global leader in Forex and CFD investing has recently announced it is now accepting deposits via Tether (USDT), the first Bitcoin­based, fiat­pegged stable cryptocurrency built on the blockchain. FXGate is one of the first global brokerages to accept deposits via cryptocurrencies to trade Forex, Precious Metals, Energies and Indices. Each tether issued is …

22 h
Tether Launches Gold-Backed Stablecoin and Begins Trading on Bitfinex

Tether is now offering a gold-backed stablecoin, XAUT, which represents ownership of one troy ounce of gold held in a Swiss vault controlled by the company.

22 h
Tether Launches Tether Gold [XAU₮]; a Stablecoin Backed by Physical Gold

Tether, the controversial blockchain company which runs both Bitfinex and EthFinex cryptocurrency exchanges and issues the leading stablecoin Tether [USDT] has announced the launch of its latest stablecoin.

23 h
PornHub includes Tether as payment option following PayPal ban

Popular adult website, Pornhub has added Tether (USDT) as a payment option, following PayPal unexpected ban to the platform recently.

1 d
Tether Is to Issue New Stablecoin Backed by Gold

Tether, the issuer of USDT, announced a new stablecoin pegged to gold. The new token is to be issued on the Ethereum and Tron networks.

1 d
Tether запускает обеспеченный золотом стейблкоин

Компания Tether, эмитент популярного стейблкоина USDT, объявила о запуске нового токена, обеспеченного золотом. In response to growing demand for digital exposure to physical gold, we are proud to

1 d
Paypal Pullout Prompts Pornhub to Add Tether as Payment Option for Its Adult Models

The porn industry is seen by many as a perfect fit for widespread cryptocurrency usage as it suffers from financial censorship far more than most

1 d
Купить дополнительные услуги на Pornhub теперь можно при помощи Tether

Один из крупнейших порносайтов в мире Pornhub начал принимать криптовалюту Tether. Соответствующее сообщение появилось на официальной странице компании в

1 d
Pornhub Adds USDT to Its Payment Options Using the TRON Blockchain

Adult entertainment website Pornhub has added Tether’s USDT stablecoin to its payout options for models, months after PayPal abruptly cut off the platform’s services.

1 d
Tether [USDT] is Set to Launch Tether Gold [XAU₮]; A Stablecoin Backed By Gold

Tether, the first blockchain-enabled platform facilitating digital use of traditional currencies, is pleased to announce Tether Gold (XAU₮), a digital asset providing exposure to physical […]

1 d
Will Mass Adoption Be More PayPal or Pornhub?

Bakkt preps consumer app for 2020 launch while Pornhub starts performer payouts in Tether, plus a controversial, obligatory new dev fund in BCH.

1 d
Tether Launches Gold-Backed Crypto, Do You Trust Them with Your Bullion?

Controversial cryptocurrency startup Tether has just announced the launch of a new crypto asset. The latest product from the company that brought the

1 d
Tether Gold (XAU₮): A New Tokenized Gold Product Built on Ethereum and TRON

On Thursday (January 23), Tether launched a new product called Tether Gold (XAU₮), which is a crypto token — available as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain and as a TRC20 token on the TRON blockchain — representing ownership of one troy fine ounce of physical gold on a specific gold bar held in a Swiss vault.