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Dogecoin (DOGE)

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10 h
Polkadot, EOS, Dogecoin Price Analysis: 23 September

Polkadot had shown a bullish divergence recently and saw a minor rise in its price, but bears were likely to win the battle in the coming days. EOS faced a crucial level of support and failure to defend it would be pretty bad news for bulls. Dogecoin on the other hand did not slow down […]

1 d
Bitcoin Cash, VeChain, Dogecoin Price Analysis: 22 September

The cryptocurrency market saw losses on Monday, as traditional stock markets plummeted sharply. This could be related to news reports that large banks were involved in money laundering transactions. Bitcoin Cash showed it might not register further losses in the near-term. VeChain flipped from bullish to bearish momentum over the weekend. Dogecoin continued to show […]

3 d
Cosmos, Dogecoin, XRP Price Analysis: 20 September

XRP, at the time of writing, was showing no signs of price movement in either direction in the near-term. Similarly, Cosmos was likely to be neutral or bearish, until overall market conditions took a turn towards the bullish side. Dogecoin, the popular meme-coin, was also stagnant across its price charts. XRP XRP is the fourth-largest […]

5 d
Litecoin, Crypto.com Coin, Dogecoin Price Analysis: 18 September

Over the past year, many of the market’s altcoins have shown signs of decoupling from the price movement of Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency. However, this wasn’t evident when the movement of the crypto-market in the month of September was assessed. In fact, while many of these alts did follow Bitcoin’s lead when BTC fell, […]

7 d
Chainlink, IOTA, Dogecoin Price Analysis: 16 September

Bitcoin reached $10,950 and faced resistance at $11,200 as Bitcoin Dominance rose alongside. This meant many major altcoins could be facing selling pressure in the near-term. Chainlink lost an important level of support and was primed for a slide to the downside. IOTA also showed bearish momentum, whereas Dogecoin took its first step towards halting […]

7 d
DOGE Continues Its Prolonged Consolidation

The Dogecoin (DOGE) price has been consolidating after a rapid pump and dump that took place on July 10.

8 d
Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Dogecoin Price Analysis: 15 September

Bitcoin briefly slumped to $10,200 in the past couple of days as traders feared another sell-off but recovered swiftly to breach the $10,500 level and was trading at $10,737 at press time. However, evidence of BTC inflow to exchanges could forecast another wave of selling pressure for Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash and Monero showed strength in […]

9 d
Tezos, BAT, Dogecoin Price Analysis: 14 September

Bitcoin briefly spiked to $10,450 before dropping to $10,350, at the time of writing. However, short-term fluctuations might not faze investors one bit as BTC remains one of the market’s best-performing assets by a distance. Further down the cryptocurrency ladder, Tezos exhibited a falling degree of market volatility as traders and investors watched the crypto-asset […]

11 d
Bitcoin, Ontology, Dogecoin Price Analysis: 12 September

Bitcoin was trading beneath its $10,400 resistance level, at press time. If it manages to reclaim the level as support, it could surge north to $11,200, dragging with it the rest of the market. Further, while Ontology’s demand surged on the back of earning WING tokens, Dogecoin showed signs of bearishness and looked to be […]

12 d
These Are the Most Rewarding Dogecoin Faucets in September 2020

Dogecoin was created as a fun way to send tips to content creators on Twitter and other social media networks. DOGE has gained more fame than was

13 d
XRP, STEEM, Dogecoin Price Analysis: 10 September

After a month of upward volatility, the cryptocurrency market has been noting waves of corrections since the beginning of September. However, such corrections have also resulted in many prevailing trends in the cryptocurrencies market changing. XRP, the fourth-largest cryptocurrency in terms of market cap, has been shrinking in value. In fact, it recently tested its […]

17 d
XRP, Dogecoin, Chainlink Price Analysis: 6 September

The cryptocurrency marketcap slid by nearly $50 billion in the past few days to stand at $325 billion at the time of writing. XRP showed it might be able to hold on to the support level. Chainlink had slid by double-digit percentage points and surged by double-digit points to touch $12 from lows of $9.75. […]

19 d
BAT, Dogecoin, Litecoin Price Analysis: 4 September

Many in the community sighed with relief after Bitcoin arrested its fall on the 2nd of September by holding steady around the $11,300-mark. However, this wasn’t to last as over the next 24-hours, a bloodbath ensued, with the world’s largest cryptocurrency falling to under $10,300, at the time of writing. As is usually the case, […]

21 d
Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin Price Analysis: 2 September

Debate raged on social media whether the strong rise of Ethereum’s price was organic demand for ETH, or whether it was all propped up by the DeFi explosion. However, a green Ethereum usually spells green for the altcoin market as well. Dash and Dogecoin seemed not to have received the memo, as they struggled to […]

22 d
Binance Coin, Dash, Dogecoin Price Analysis: 1 September

Binance Coin advanced steadily toward resistance after stepping out of a range it traded within for a few weeks. Dash showed bearish signals and could test support and even drop beneath support while Dogecoin continued to sustain the bearish sentiment. Binance Coin [BNB] BNB appeared to trade within a range for the greater part of August. However, […]