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24 d
Top 3 Unknown Cryptos Outperforming Bitcoin in 2020: ICX, WAN, AION

Numerous large and small-cap altcoins are rallying as Bitcoin price trades in the $9.3K to $9.5K zone.

3 m
Open Application Network introduces blockchain privacy development incubator

The Open Application Network (OAN), the newly live open source public infrastructure for the creation and hosting of Open Apps (OAs) from AION, announced

3 m
Aion’s staking interface for Open Application Network (OAN) now live

Aion, the blockchain network for decentralized applications, announced today that a new AION staking interface app is now live in preparation for its

3 m
Aion Network shifts focus to open apps to benefit users of platform economies

Blockchain project Aion Network’s pivot in focus now allows companies with digital-based business models to build applications that mitigate inefficiencies, opening the door to creating token economies and reward systems around services like Citi Bike in Miami, according to a release from OAN. OAN claims that platform economies, digital marketplaces that provide services like rideshare …

3 m
Aion blockchain team launches The Open Application Network

The Aion project, which launched in July 2017 focused on providing a scalable, private and interoperable public blockchain network, announced today the

5 m
Aion Network’s integration of Web3j now live

Aion Network, a platform for building decentralized applications (DApps), announced today with Web3 Labs, the availability of the Web3j Aion integration

8 m
Aion Network Launches First Blockchain Virtual Machine on Java

Aion officially hard forked the AVM onto the Main Net.

8 m
Aion Network Builds Blockchain Virtual Machine On Top Of Java

The Aion Virtual Machine will allow developers to build executable distributed code contracts on the blockchain without requiring any changes be made to the Java Virtual Machine.

10 m
Investors Can Have Their Own Game of Thrones Crypto Collectibles via Nodesmith

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts know what CryptoKitties is and how the firm behind it promoted the usage of crypto collectibles in the industry. This time, those investors and crypto enthusiasts that like the popular tv series Game of Thrones (GoT), can purchase their own crypto collectibles inspired in GoT. Game of Thrones Crypto Collectibles Are a Reality The firm behind this initiative is called Nodesmith, which focuses on the promotion of blockchain technology. The firm works on top of the Aion and Ethereum (ETH) networks. These GoT tokens are ERC20 and can be minted during the last season of Game of Thrones. There are four tokens that have similar characteristics to the characters they represent. Ned Coin, for example, is linked to Ned Stark, one of the most popular characters during the first season. The interesting thing about this coin is that the character it represents showed that everyone can die. Thus, every single time that a user performs a transaction, there will be 20%

10 m
Binance’s TrustWallet Adds Stellar Lumens (XLM) to its List of Supported Cryptocurrencies

As per an all-new blog post published on Trust Wallet’s official website earlier today, the company has announced its decision to integrate support for 5 new cryptocurrencies, namely Stellar (XLM), Aion (AION), Kin (KIN), Nimiq (NIM) and Thunder Token. The announcement is perfectly in-line with the firm’s earlier press releases‚ÄĒ which clearly state that Trust Wallet is looking to provide its customers with support for all of the top-20 cryptocurrencies (by overall capitalization) available in the market today. On the subject, company founder Viktor Radchenko was quoted as saying: “Adding support to Stellar’s XLM on Trust Wallet is a result of our community’s overwhelming request and our response to it. Additionally, the Stellar team has made it easy for our development team to get XLM integrated to our wallet with its robust technical groundwork and tools that allowed the integration to be process fast, reliable and easy.”

10 m
Binance’s Trust Wallet App Adds Support for Stellar Lumen (XLM)

On Wednesday (March 27), Binance announced that its official wallet app, Trust Wallet, had added support for Stellar Lumen (XLM), as well as four other cryptoassets: Thunder Token (TT), Kin (KIN), Nimiq (NIM), and Aion (AION).

10 m
What Is Aion? Introduction To The Blockchain Interoperability Token

Aion is a Canadian blockchain hoping everyone in the industry can learn to work together. Is this the new blockchain-based Internet?

11 m
Trust Wallet Integrates Stellar, Tor Project Accepts BTC, LTC, ETH, XLM, Dash and Binance Announces New Crypto Trading Pairs

Crypto Integration Trust Wallet has just announced full integration of Stellar Lumens (XLM), allowing users to send, receive and store XLM. Support has also been added for Aion (AION), Kin (KIN), Nimiq (NIM) and Thunder Token. Owned by Binance, the multi-coin crypto wallet app supports thousands of digital assets, including ERC20 tokens. It has been …

11 m
TH√ČO Project‚Äôs Syn√° Desktop Launches to Help with Full Crypto Wallet Suite Integration

The THEO project has just announced their new release of the Syna Desktop, one that has become the latest addition to the crypto wallet library. The Syna desktop has been designed as an easy application to use on either Mac, Windows or Linux. It has been able to incorporate the accessibility features that are available on the Syna mobile together with the Syna+ Chrome plugin, while still being able to offer added utility to the different users, this has been made possible by integrating the ledger hardware support. The product suite for the Syna, this is including the desktop wallet, was initially launched on the Aion blockchain proxy, with plans of expanding it to support the Ethereum by 2019 spring. “We are currently developing a V2 release for spring which will incorporate Ethereum into the Syn√° desktop wallet library. We anticipate the Syn√° desktop wallet will initially be the most utilized of our wallet library with a prime focus on storage and interaction with trading platforms.

1 y
WandX decentralized exchange now supports AION blockchain

WandX, a multi blockchain decentralized exchange today announced that it now supports AION and tokens developed on their custom blockchain network. The