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15 d

Ripple завершил сделку на $50 млн с платежной компанией MoneyGram

Финтех-стартап Ripple инвестировал еще $20 млн в американский сервис денежных переводов MoneyGram, закрыв таким образом сделку на общую сумму в $50 млн, сообщается в пресс-релизе. В ходе

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3 min
Ethereum Ice Age May be Imminent If Miners Withdraw From Network

The Ethereum block difficulty began to grow back in November 2016. Since then, developers have been constantly forced to carry out hard forks to keep the network up until the transition to a proof-of-stake algorithm takes place. In the lead-up to the Istanbul upgrade, implemented on Dec. 8, the Ethereum team decided again to postpone […]

6 min
Traders Flock to Safe Haven Bitcoin [BTC], Matic’s Trading Volumes at 18K BTC

An analyst concludes that traders and investors are more active, exchanging the token back and forth for Bitcoin and other liquid assets.

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8 min
Bitcoin [BTC]: trading de futuros parece haberse congelado con el invierno

El 2019 está llegando a su fin, pero la comunidad de bitcoin [BTC] todavía está conteniendo la respiración, ya que desde principios de noviembre, bitcoin registró un cambio de más del 30% en su valoración. Evidentemente, otros activos también se vieron afectados y la industria está preparándose para otro aumento o caída antes de que […]

10 min
Bitcoin ‘Can Be’ A Reliable Financial Instrument After All: Mark Cuban

In comments to mainstream media, the Dallas Mavericks’ billionaire owner seemed uncertain about dismissing Bitcoin altogether, despite previous remarks.

12 min
SolarisBank Launches New Digital Asset Custody Service

German FinTech banking provider, solarisBank, today announced the launch of a new custodial platform for digital assets. As with the company’s digital

14 min
Crypto Hardware Wallet KeepKey Can Be Compromised in 15 Minutes, Kraken Warns

The KeepKey cryptocurrency hardware wallet can allegedly be compromised in only 15 minutes if hackers have physical access to it, according to cybersecurity researchers with Kraken Security Labs.

17 min
Crucial Indicator Shows a Massive Bitcoin Move is Likely Following 30% Drop

Over the past few weeks, Bitcoin (BTC) has finally started to slow, establishing $7,000 as support and $7,800 as heavy resistance; the cryptocurrency

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18 min
Elliptic builds a solution for banks to help them decide which crypto exchanges to do business with

Banks have since long been known to remain reluctant to provide services to cryptocurrency firms, including exchanges. Blockchain analytics firm Elliptic is hoping to improve the situation with its new solution. Dubbed “Discovery,” Elliptic’s solution, purpose-built for banks, is a database of 200 global cryptocurrency exchanges, including information about their corporate entities, jurisdiction, regulatory status, …

23 min
Ugandans Lose Over 10 Billion in Cryptocurrency Scam

A large number of Ugandan nationals were left crying helplessly after being promised well-paying jobs at a fake cryptocurrency company which abruptly went into rigor mortis with citizens losing over 10 billion Ugandan Shillings (UGX) (approx. $2,715,100).

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30 min
BTC Price Forms Bearish Flag ? Price May Drop to $5,000: Crypto Analysts’ Various Predictions

After Bitcoin had dropped to the $7,200 level on Tuesday, the overall market sentiment has turned bearish and analysts are giving their versions of a further price fall

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34 min
Banco Santander Redeems Self-Issued and Invested Bond on the Ethereum Blockchain Worth $20M

Spanish banking giant, Banco Santander has redeemed a bond security it issued back on September 10th based on the public Ethereum blockchain.

41 min
Three Fraudsters Arrested in $722 Million Crypto Mining Ponzi Scheme

Three men have been arrested for conspiring to run a Ponzi scheme that sought money to manage a crypto mining pool, promising to pay investors with mining proceeds.

44 min
Delightful Wattam Gets Equally Charming Exclusive PS4 Cover Art

Wattam is getting a delightful physical edition on PlayStation 4 and its possibly the sweetest cover art we’ve ever come across.

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53 min
Sweden’s Financial Authority Approves Swiss Crypto ETP Provider Amun

On December 10, Switzerland-based firm Amun AG announced the company’s base prospectus has been approved by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

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