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A Blockchain-Based Excise System Promises Efficiency to Thailand’s Oil Industry

Blockchains are being used across the world for their ability to serve as a robust accounting ledger that can be shared and distributed in real-time across the world. According to the Bangkok Post, the Thai excise department is in talks with Krungthai Bank (KTB) to launch a blockchain-enabled system to…

1 min
Human Rights Foundation CSO Alex Gladstein: Virgil Griffith’s trip to Pyongyang betrayed everything that blockchain stands for

American programmer Virgil Griffith’s trip to North Korea goes against everything the blockchain ecosystem represents, Human Rights Foundation CSO, Alex Gladstein, told The Block in a recent episode of The Scoop. On Nov. 29, Griffith, a prominent Ethereum developer and self-branded “disruptive technologist,” was arrested by U.S. authorities for giving a talk at an April …

2 min
Leo Zhang, Principal at Iterative Capital Management discusses the unseen impact Bitcoin miners have on the overall market

Leo Zhang sits down with Frank Chaparro and Matteo Liebowitz to discuss the unseen impact that miners have on the overall Bitcoin market

10 min
India Is Once Again Talking About Banning Crypto

India is once again discussing the prospects of introducing a full ban of cryptocurrencies so they can’t be privately held.

12 min
В Южной Корее хотят ввести налог на криптовалюты

Как стало известно совсем недавно, власти Южной Кореи собираются ввести налог на прирост капитала для сделок с криптовалютами. Об этом пишут местные СМИ.

13 min
В США собираются начать майнить BTC за счет энергии попутного газа

Известные братья Уинклвоссы стали соучредителями нового уникального майнингового стартапа Crusoe, на развитие которого удалось привлечь более 70 миллионов

15 min
Implosion: MATIC Erases Four-Week Rally in Just Two Days

The Matic Network cryptocurrency (MATIC) plunged significantly in the past 48 hours, erasing a four-week rally.

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16 min
Bitcoin value transfer occurring primarily between exchanges: Chainalysis’ Gradwell

Recently, Philip Gradwell, Chief Economist at Chainalysis, a blockchain data analytics company, spoke at a Meetup in London about token economics in on-chain analytics. During his talk, Gradwell spoke about both on and off-chain data, how they can be linked together, and gave some insights based on their analysis of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies’ data. […]

16 min
Cryptocurrency Is Most Useful for Breaking Laws and Social Constructs

Decentralized systems forsake scale, speed and cost in favor of one key feature: censorship resistance. Get used to it.

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21 min
Bitcoin Price Slides to $7,200 as Market Sentiment Turns Bearish

Bitcoin is very likely to drop below the $7,000 level once again as bulls continue to lose steam

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31 min
Spoiled Patriots Fans Believe New England’s Dynasty Is Imploding – Are They Right?

The Patriots dynasty may be imploding in epic fashion (at least according to spoiled New England fans), and it couldn’t be more glorious.

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32 min
How Elon Musk Spun 2 Tesla Crashes Into a PR Coup – and a Surprising Stock Rally

This is how Elon Musk turned a Cybertruck accident into a PR coup that generated buzz for Tesla and a surprising TSLA stock rally.

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35 min
Accused Onecoin Co-Conspirators Fight Criminal Charges in the US

The Onecoin scam, a multi-level Ponzi scheme that acquired $4 billion from investors has been falling apart at the seams. Criminal proceedings have started against Onecoin leaders and one alleged associate who was found guilty of laundering $400 million has asked a New York judge for more time to process an acquittal motion. Additionally, according …

40 min
Cuál es el valor en bitcoin [BTC] de los multimillonarios en el mundo

La mayoría de los Millennials están cargados de deudas o préstamos estudiantiles. Sin embargo, también están trabajando para lograr la independencia financiera mientras tratan de hacer malabarismos con su empleo y vida social.  Es la generación de la suerte, porque han sido testigos de la caída del Muro de Berlín, que marcó el comienzo del […]

43 min
ASX Shoots to Overtake IBM and Others with new Blockchain Platform 

Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), the country’s primary securities exchange, is actively working on its distributed ledger technology (DLT) platform which it expects will pose a competition to tech industry’s heavy hitters such as IBM and Microsoft when it goes live in mid-2020 to replace its Clearing House Electronic Subregister System…


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