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27 d

Dikkat! En büyük borsalar bile sahte hacim gösteriyor olabilir

CoinMarketCap likidite metriği, kripto para ekosisteminde şimdiden ses getirdi. Öyle ki pek çok borsanın sahte hacim gösterdiği düşünülüyor.

19 sec
3 Reasons Gold Prices are Set to Explode in 2020 and Beyond

Central banks have been buying gold at a rapid pace. With more quantitative easing on the horizon, gold prices are set to soar.

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2 min
Crypto Mining Firm BitMain to Launch New Distributors in South America

When it comes to crypto mining, the China-based firm BitMain leads the way as the biggest producer of ASIC-based Bitcoin mining chips

3 min
Government of Abkhazia to Intensify Identification of Crypto Mining Farms

Abkhazia, an autonomous region in northwest Georgia, is planning to intensify work to identify cryptocurrency mining farms in the region.

7 min
Be Ready to Pay over $85 Million in Taxes if You Win the Mega Millions Jackpot on Friday

Since nobody’s ticket matched the numbers that could ensure a Mega Millions jackpot prize on Tuesday, thousands of people can’t wait for tomorrow. However, winners must be prepared to let go of up to 45% or risk tax evasion.

9 min
Ethereum Price Analysis: Coming Down

ETH / USD Price Analysis – A series of bearish patterns seems likely to be triggered. That would bring ETH in sight of the $100 marker.

13 min
VC Firm Andreessen Horowitz Unveils Who’ll Teach at Its Free Crypto Startup School

Venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) has unveiled who’ll be teaching at its free Crypto Startup School, and instructors include Coinbase’s CEO Brian Armstrong, Calibra’s head of strategy, and some of its own general partners.

14 min
Poloniex updates listing, delisting policies days after DigiByte episode

Days after the DigiByte controversy broke out, cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex has announced that it is updating its listing and delisting policies. According to the official blog post, projects could be delisted if it no longer satisfies certain important criteria that the exchange looks for in its listed assets The blog read, “As part of our […]

21 min
Binance [BNB] abre trading para bitcoin en Latinoamérica

Binance, uno de los Exchanges más grandes del mundo, estableció una asociación estratégica con Paxful, una plataforma bitcoin [BTC] de persona a persona (P2P), para mejorar la accesibilidad a los activos digitales en todo el mundo. El Exchange dirigido por Changpeng Zhao ha estado muy activo en su búsqueda por fomentar la adopción de las […]

27 min
Despite likely Dev Fund extension, Electric Coin Co. may need to restructure its Operations

Over the past 6 months, much of the discussion among Zcash community members has been focused on extending the network’s Development Fund, which is due to expire in November 2020. At present, the Founders Reward baked into its protocol sets aside 20% of the rewards produced. A portion of these rewards is used to fund …

29 min
Bitcoin Longs Reach All Time High But Price Still Falling Somehow

An incredible 15,000 bitcoin, worth some $110 million, has been added to longs at Bitifinex in the past two weeks, up from ₿25,000 to now above ₿40,000 (pictured above). That…

43 min
2019: The Inflection Point for Data Privacy

Americans have had enough of companies monetizing our personal data. Smart companies will react.

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45 min
Аккаунт Джастина Сана в Weibo заблокировали

Китайская социальная сеть Weibo, аналог Twitter, заблокировала аккаунт основателя TRON Джастина Сана, чьи фирменные маркетинговые приемы часто подвергались критике как в Китае, так в остальном мире.

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45 min
Planned $1.1B Sale of .Org Angers Many Open Source Crypto Developers

The potential sale of the .org top-level domain could mean higher costs for open source crypto projects.

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48 min
Ethereum 2.0 Launches Three Independent Testnets

With the Istanbul Hard Fork behind us, the eyes of the Ethereum Community are on developing Ethereum 2.0. Everyone can now test the features of the upcoming network.

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