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На международной конференции BlockchainUA в Киеве выступят более 60 представителей биткоин-индустрии

20 сентября в Киеве пройдет седьмая международная конференция BlockchainUA, посвященная развитию децентрализованных технологий, которая соберет более 60 спикеров со всего мира. Мероприятие будет разделено на три основных потока: Technical Stage, Product Stage и Investment Stage. Среди приглашенных спикеров: основатель Shelf.Network Лаша Антадзе; CEO Radenia AG Александр Радченко; глава биржи Kuna Михаил Чобанян; главный архитектор Blockchain Europe, IBM, Уинстон Юн; CEO Beam Александр Зайдельсон; глава Hodl Hodl Макс Кейдун и многие другие представители видных игроков криптовалютной и блокчейн-индустрии. Организаторы позиционируют мероприятие как networking-ивент, что означает, что участники смогут не только послушать выступления спикеров, но и пообщаться с ними лично. Кроме того, в ходе конференции состоится презентация книги сооснователя Distributed Lab Павла Кравченко “Финансовый Интернет”. Билеты на конференцию можно приобрести по ссылке. Стоит отметить, сегодня, 31 июля, –

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Weibo Continues Rage at Tron and Binance: Sun and Yi He Blocked

“Chinese Twitter” has recently suspended pages of major crypto personas, Tron’s Justin Sun and Binance’s Yi He.

1 min
ECB President: ‘We Better Be Ahead of Curve’ on Stablecoins

The president of the European Central Bank (ECB), Christine Lagarde, said that the financial institution should be ahead of the curve in regards to the demand of stablecoins.

1 min
Franklin Templeton Closes Funding Round For Blockchain-Based Social Impact Platform

Global blockchain-based marketplace Proof of Impact closed its first funding round led by American asset management giant Franklin Templeton.

3 min
Fortnite’s New Update May Herald a Massive Shift in Multiplayer Gaming

Fortnite’s new update brings back a retro gaming mechanic, and that could herald a massive shift in multiplayer gaming.

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4 min
Bitmex Announces Support for Native Segwit Adresses-Bech32

Bitmex, a leading crypto exchange, recently announced that it will support native Segwit addresses. In a statement, Bitmex stated that its clients would now be able to make withdrawals to their Bech32 addresses.

5 min
Swiss Crypto-Focused Bank SEBA Expands Services to Nine More Countries Including Singapore and Hong Kong

Switzerland-based crypto friendly bank SEBA, an integrated bank for digital and traditional assets and licensed by the Swiss supervisory authority FINMA, is now accepting institutional clients and accredited investors from nine more countries, the bank made the announcement on December 12 on its website.

8 min
As DeFi Markets Reinforce, Ethereum Price Contrast Gravitating Towards the Low

Support from the more inclusive market may be needed for Ethereum to break out from the present high on the level at $144.61. Except for the widely-based rebound case, Ethereum has lost the tag for $145 levels on the daily.

26 min
Coinbase explored Orchid, now it’s going to list it

After raising over $43 million on an offered $125 million in presale, Orchid Labs will now list its browsing privacy-focused token on Coinbase as of Friday, according to releases from the companies. This follows an exploratory period from the exchange that grouped the OXT token with 17 developing assets.  The release of the OXT token …

29 min
Bitcoin Faces Another Rejection, But Here’s Why the Bull Case Remains Strong

Analysts are noting that Bitcoin’s bull case may not be nullified yet, as one technical indicator signals that BTC may soon see some much-needed bullishness

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36 min
NY Regulator Proposes Relaxing New Coin Listing Requirements

The New York State Department of Financial Services, the Bitlicense regulator, has published a proposed framework for licensed companies seeking to list new coins. This is the first time the regulator has proposed changes to its crypto regulation in five years. Among the changes, licensees will be able to self-certify the compliance of their new …

36 min
Maltese Bitcoin Club’s Bitcoin Future 2020 Conference Promises to Educate the Masses on Bitcoin

Malta’s Bitcoin Club has released detailed concerning its Bitcoin Future 2020 online conference scheduled to go live from December 21, 2019

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37 min
Gaming platform FirstBlood launching “Dawn” blockchain built on Cosmos

FirstBlood, a leading gaming platform that allows amateur esports players to earn rewards for playing well-known video games such as Dota2, PUBG

45 min
В сайдчейне биткоина запустили аналог DeFi-проекта MakerDAO

Стартап Money on Chain запустил DeFi-платформу на базе сайдчейна биткоина RSK. Поверх нее разработчики будут создавать продукты в области кредитования, сообщает CoinDesk. DeFi-экосистема Money on

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46 min
Ride ‘Em, Cowboy: Bitmain’s Marketing Gambit Ups Its Texas-Sized Position on Bitcoin

Bitmain’s new strategy of giving put options on bitcoin to buyers of its miners amounts to a “Texas hedge” – doubling down on risk, not offsetting it.

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